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Sunday Blog: England looks at U.S. like a proud father looks at his successful son

Commentary by Robert Escandon, Sumner Newscow — As most readers are aware,  I have lived and worked both in England and here in the U.S.;  this being 12 years in Kansas and five years in Michigan during the 1980s.  Living and working in the U.S. has been a privilege and given me an opportunity to view the cultures of both countries.  I am often asked “which country do you prefer?”  My answer is that I miss the things of America when I visit England and, equally, I miss some of the things of my home country when here in the U.S.

Robert Escandon

In Europe as a whole, it is a good thing to be American!  You are most likely to be greeted with genuine friendship and affection.  Speaking personally, I have been similarly greeted here in the U.S.  There is definitely a feeling — almost — of two nations and one country.  By example, after 911 Britain held a one minute silence across the whole country.

All traffic stopped on the major motorways, people came out of their homes and workplaces for a time of respect and condolence for America’s loss.  I clearly remember standing in a circle with around 40 other people, who had emerged from their businesses to pay our own silent respect.  It was eerily silent, because the whole country had brought itself to a standstill.  It was very moving.

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