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Sunday Blog: Wellington needs to look at Myrtle Beach, S.C. in the 1950s

Commentary by James Jordan, Sumner Newscow — Back in the 1950s the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was giving away beach front lots. All you had to do was build something within five years. Automobile travel was common by then, and air conditioning was catching on. 

James Jordan

Air conditioning made the hot coastal areas appealing for tourists. They were ready to take advantage of a tourism boom. A lot of people scoffed at those lots, or just never got around to getting one. Other people took the city up on it, and became very rich. Those free lots now have high rise hotels, are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and are probably not for sale.

There are other coastal towns along the east coast that never really took off. They were not visionaries, or they had some excuse for why they thought it wouldn’t work there. In both cases they were right.

When opportunity comes calling, you have those that answer the door, and you have those that do not, for whatever reason.

Wellington may very well have that type of opportunity now. We all know technology is huge, and that it will continue developing. There’s no telling what will be developed eventually.

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