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Sumner Newscow precipitation table: Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday blog: In today’s corporate world, the ideal number of employees are no employees at all

Commentary by Robert Escandon, Sumner Newscow — There is no question that the application of robotics and artificial intelligence continues to accelerate.  There are few areas of commerce and industry where one or both cannot be used to great advantage.  Robots are excellent for precision rote tasks. 

Robert Escandon

They don’t get tired or ill and carry no overhead except depreciation.  Their precision of operation doesn’t drift due to fatigue or boredom so the product output maintains a set level of accuracy that fits within boundaries set by quality control management.

Many repetitive manufacturing tasks were the province of workers “on-the-line.”  My mother was one of those many thousands of — mostly women — who worked in factories.  I asked her once if the work was sole-destroying in its repetition? 

To my surprise she said “No, because it carried no stress.” She knew exactly what was expected of her and it gave her a wage she could add to my father’s earnings to help keep the family afloat.  The factories provided a nice restaurant for lunch, and evening meals for those on a later shift.  Music was piped in from the local radio stations and there was a feeling of team spirit among the employees.

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