Daily Archives: May 7, 2017

Sunday blog: Peace in a Crowded World

Commentary and poetry by Robert Escandon, Sumner Newscow — A few years ago I found myself on an early morning drive in Western Kansas near the Colorado State Line.  My route took me along a four-lane highway that stretched to the horizon behind and in front of me and carried no traffic at that early hour. 

Robert Escandon

There were no houses to be seen, in any direction, just an endless expanse of wheat fields and a colossal blue sky.  I was alone and had this immensity of space all to myself.  For someone who lived most of his life in crowded Britain, the scenery was inspiring.

  After driving an hour or so, a bridge appeared spanning a small river.  It was one of these flat concrete deals with a three foot parapet (bridge barrier) on either side.  I was early for my intended appointment so had time to kill.  This being so — and 200 yards further down the highway — I stopped and decided to reverse the car (yes, reverse 200 yards on a four lane highway) and look over the bridge at the river below. 

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