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Guest commentary: The problem with drugs in the Wellington Community

The following is a blog written by Joe Moralez that first appeared on Facebook. We asked him if we could republish it here.

Commentary by Joe Moralez, Special to Sumner Newscow —  Dear Wellington Friends: I need to say a few things about OUR community.

Wellington, as a community, has been a great place for my children to grow up. Each had amazing teachers that were kind, wonderful people that they will never forget. Each was Wheat Prince or Princess which they will never forget. They played sports, loved the library, loved the skate park, loved Wheat Festival, loved the idea that throughout the community they could go somewhere and would know someone. We loved being able to go to the lake, fish for an afternoon, watch the sunset and be home in 20 minutes. They got to see a Circus at Worden Park, watch Dad ride a bull and learn what harvest means in a farming community. I could live here at reasonable expense and support my family. My children and myself have cultivated friendships for a lifetime here and will always have a special connection to Wellington. There is so much promise here and yet, so much despair too.

Joe Moralez

Aside from the weekly fodder over council meetings, the hospital, the college, dwindling population and many other things people choose to debate or complain about, there is a problem in the community that is impacting so many children and families it disgusts me.

I know a person who is addicted to methamphetamine. She escalated from snorting and smoking it to shooting it up. This is not an accusation. I have proof of this. This is not slander. It is the truth. I am not perfect and have made my own mistakes during our marriage, but learned from those mistakes to create a fruitful future for my family and do my best to be a better husband, father and man. I have offered many times to take her to rehab and will continue to do so. She is after all, the mother of my children and was not always like this. She was a productive, positive, contributing member of society at one time. I tried to help her. She does not want to help herself.

Sunday blog: There are many differences between the U.S. and Great Britain — including the plumbing

by Robert Escandon, Sumner Newscow columnist — Well, here I am on my annual visit to England to see my children and grandchildren.

It’s always interesting to see the differences that just one year makes.  Road layouts change, the weather always surprises and I am reminded of essential differences between our two countries —– many of which are mundane and not found in the guide books.  As a silly example, almost no toilet systems have a nearby plunger for unblocking purposes.

Robert Escandon

British toilets almost never block up, this being almost entirely an American phenomenon.  The reason is because British toilets drain into five to six inch diameter downpipes via just one U-bend.  American models generally have several twists and turns through narrower pipework which accounts for frequent blockages.  As I said, this information is not in the guide-books😊

The flights were horrendous.  I sat next to the world’s largest man on the long transatlantic leg.  He overflowed halfway into my already limited space.  On the other side was a man who went to sleep almost immediately after we took off.  He was a guy who sleeps with his elbows sticking out, one of which dug into my ribcage.  He also twitched during his sleep. Somewhere over the North Atlantic, he laid his head on my shoulder as a sleeping pillow.  I didn’t like that.

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