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J.P. Weigand Auction to be held Thursday, July 6 at 7:30 p.m. at Raymond Frye Complex

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2017 Medallion Hunt: Clue #2 – Tuesday, July 4

July 4: 

Clue #2: No need to climb.

Past clue:

July 3: 

Clue #1: Look east or west

What to do?  What to do?

Oh, wait, what about north or south?

4th of July Blog: The five most significant wars for the U.S.

Commentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Happy Independence Day, everybody.

Today is my favorite holiday because not only are we trying to blow ourselves up with minor explosives, but we are celebrating our 243 years of existence. It’s been quite a ride.

Last year, I got in one of those historical moods and rated the top 10 U.S. Presidents of all time on Independence Day based according to me, myself and I (see column here). Now you might not have enjoyed it as much as myself or even remember it, but I thought it was a hoot. So I decided on making it a yearly tradition — ranking the top five or 10 of something very American albeit Cueball style.

Unfortunately, war is pretty American. We have fought a lot of it. We have industries built around it. We sing the National Anthem before every sporting event because of it. Our military is large and flourishing.

War is a necessary evil – and sometimes an unnecessary exercise. People will die. Others will suffer great losses. Each war is different, yet the outcome is usually the same. There is a winner and a loser.

I decided to list what I thought were the five most significant wars for the United States in order. I was at first going to rate them all from the least to the most significant. But there is peril in that philosophy as my wife pointed out. There is no such thing as an insignificant war.

So I’ve picked five wars that most defined us as a nation. While we may have fought a Spanish-American War that seemed, well, unnecessary, I prefer to focus on the five wars that made us who we were.

I’m doing the countdown Casey Kasem style.

5. World War I

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