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Special report: Council to mull over Cowley County developmental agreement this Tuesday; there is plenty to consider

The ground work has already been prepared at Cowley College, east of Wal-Mart- the financial details not so much.

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — This Tuesday, the Wellington City Council will either accept, reject or table a developer’s agreement with the board of Cowley College on its Sumner County campus to be in operation by October 2018.

The proposed agreement will be discussed at the regular council meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. In it will include financial stipulations hammered out by the city of Wellington and that of Cowley College during the construction process involving streets, traffic signals, sanitary sewer, water, electricity, storm damage and sidewalks.

Despite who pays for what, there is one undeniable fact: the taxpayers will be footing the bill regardless – since both are governmental entities.

The proposed agreement being sent to the city council Tuesday includes the following stipulations (see full development agreement here):

•The city will pay 50 percent of the cost of design and construction of the campus streets in the first of Phase 1 of the project. The developer, i.e. Cowley College, pays the other 50 percent.

•The developer pays 25 percent of the design, equipment and installation of traffic signs at William Drive and U.S. 160.

•The sewer is a little tricky. The city will pay 100 percent of extending the sewer to the property and then beyond while the developer pays for the connecting service line. The college would then pay to hook it up and then be charged a hook-up fee.

•The city and developer will split the cost of the water line.

•The city will pay 100 percent of extending electric service to the meter connection. The developer is paying for any electrical structures like LED lighting and wood pole structures.

•Storm drainage will be paid by the developer.

•Sidewalks will be paid by the developer.

Dr. Dennis Rittle said the estimated final development tally would be $1.24 million for Cowley through the half-cent sales tax funding and $737,000 by the city. (See site costs breakdown here).

How we got here

Sunday blog: A really bad situation

Commentary by Robert Escandon, Sumner Newscow — Recently, I found myself mulling over past situations in my life, when things went horribly wrong:

Horrible Situation Number One: 

Robert Escandon

I had invited about 20 engineers (and their wives) to a nice evening meal at a restaurant just north of the university town of Oxford.  This is when I owned an Engineering Company and we had been awarded our best-ever contract from an engineering group at the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment.

So, the nice meal was to be a “thank you” to the group for all their business. I sat at the top of the table with Dr. Adams on my right and Mrs. Adams on my left.  Dr Adams was the principal director of the facility and therefore the one who actually placed the orders and who signed off payment checks.

I have four children so I know what a pregnancy looks like — at least, I thought I did.  The meal was going well and everyone seemed happy, so I took the opportunity to be courteous and politely asked Mrs. Adams “When is it due?”

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