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Second water leak has been located in Wellington

Sumner Newscow report — A second water leak has been located and involved a main valve. It primarily affected customers on the east side of the city. The valve issue has been resolved for the time being and water volume should be returning to normal, although it may take several hours to do so. The main water line break, which has been isolated, will be repaired as soon as conditions allow. The City of Wellington regrets any inconvenience and appreciates everyone’s patience.

Paid advertisement: Darren Chambers for Sheriff

Darren Chambers

Political ad:

Area and Community Leaders Endorse Sheriff Darren Chambers for Re-Election. 

  • Kelly Herzet, Butler County Sheriff
  • Bob White, Sumner County Farmer
  • David Falletti, Cowley County Sheriff
  • Sumner County Sheriff Employees
  • Bill Berry, Belle Plaine Chief of Police
  • Mike Yoder, Trigger Guard Owner, Ret. Sumner Co. Sheriff’s Captain
  • Steve Durst, Retired Sumner Co. Deputy Sheriff

Read their letters of support here:

On August 4, Vote for “Honesty, Experience & Integrity.” Vote for the only candidate who has the training and experience to keep Sumner County Safe. Vote to Re-Elect Darren Chambers for Sumner County Sheriff.



Paid for by Darren Chambers for Sumner County Sheriff, Mike Brandon Treasurer

Sumner County precipitation reports, around 2.07 inches of rain has fallen in past 4 days

Sumner County report — Lately we have been getting rain, making for an unusual wet July.

Here are precipitation figures from three stations from the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network from rain gauges 4.3 miles west/southwest of Mulvane, 8.4 miles north of Caldwell and 1.3 miles west of Wellington.

The rain totals from the Wellington rain gauge shows that we have had 2.07 inches in the past four days…

City of Wellington experiences a break in one of two main supply line

Sumner Newscow report — The City of Wellington has experienced a break in one of the two main supply lines of water to the city. The break occurred late yesterday and crews have worked to isolate the break. Water is being supplied to the city from the second mainline. Some areas of the city may be experiencing diminished volumes of water due to the rerouting of the primary supply. The City appreciates the public’s patience as crews work to further investigate and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Paid advertisement: Jason Boyd for Sheriff

Jason Boyd

Political ad:

A Letter From The Wife:

As this election season comes to an end, I would like to give you a glimpse into the Boyd For Sheriff campaign. 

This has been a unique campaign, to say the least. No fairs, festivals, parades, events, or debates due to Covid-19, but that has not stopped Jason from getting to the people. Jason has continued to share his passion with the citizens of Sumner County, all while respecting Covid-19 restrictions. I have seen this firsthand as I have watched Jason spend several hundred hours answering questions and visiting those he will serve either through the separation of a screen door, standing six feet apart, wearing masks or by phone.

I know this same behavior of commitment will pour over into the Sheriff’s Office.  Jason will be available, accountable, and at your service, Sumner County. You will KNOW your Sheriff. He will be your leader, your neighbor, your confidant, and he will be a Sheriff you can be proud of. Jason’s heart matches his passion and that’s a big deal!   You can see the plans Jason has for our community on the website:

I appreciate all the support we have received from our community and look forward to the opportunity to represent the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office. Faith over fear. 


Kori Boyd 

(Paid for Boyd for Sheriff, Kori Boyd)

City of Wellington announces mosquito spraying schedule

Sumner Newscow report — The City of Wellington Street Department will begin the following Mosquito Spraying Schedule, weather permitting, next week:


MONDAY: A- West of Vandenburgh Ave.

WEDNESDAY: B – South of Harvey from Vandenburgh to Woodlawn.

FRIDAY: C- North of Harvey from Vandenburgh to Hargis Creek Watershed.

If rain or high winds occur during normal spraying hours (6:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.) that area will be done the next day (morning or evening), weather permitting, or the next week on the scheduled day.

Wellington Police Notes: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wellington Police notes: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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