An awesome and unusual start for the Wellington Swim Team

Owen Camblin and Duke Shinliver during 200 relay with coach Cindy Tracy.

by Bliss Blair, Special to Sumner Newscow — So far, the swim season has been anything but typical–and the duck racing swimmers at Derby was just the beginning of it!

After what should have been the third swim meet of the season, Wellington’s IMers and 400 freestylers have yet to swim those events — though not all of them are sad about it. In week one, the Derby Meet was called as a thunderstorm rolled in; in week two, a meet against Haysville was rescheduled to Thursday, June 27, due to lightning before the races commenced; and on the most recent Tuesday, the four-hour rule demanded that the meet be called around 10:20 p.m. Nevertheless, Wellington swimmers have demonstrated improvement, qualified for postseason meets, and earned points for the team.

An exciting measure of progress is a new best time, and many Wellington swimmers dramatically improved their personal records. At the Winfield meet, Hagen Bryant, Emmalee Burden, Sophie Cornejo, Kenneth Dockery, Mia Hawks, Solomon Ledesma, Easton Lynnes, Raynee Miller, Caroline Mott, Marcus Provost, Duke Shinliver, and Alara Wilson all made a cut of roughly 20 seconds or more on one of their races. We look forward to adding to this list as newer swimmers like Anna Ewing, Evie Ewing, Ben Farley, Shyla Hay, and Emarri Miller set their baseline best time and courageous ones like Michael Davis, Eliesse McComb, Eleanor Miller, Ashtyn Sowersby, and Gus Wiens, branched out to new events (200 free, 50 fly, 100 free, 200 free, 100 back, respectively).

A number of Sailfish have their sights set beyond the Great Plains Swim League season, when those who have achieved a qualifying time set by Missouri Valley Swimming may compete at an additional meet (or two or three).

Aiden Young was one of the district qualifiers.

In Tuesday’s meet against Winfield, exactly half of the Districts-qualifying swims were in the 50 freestyle. Hunter Bryant, Maizy Cornejo, Ralphie Cornejo, Colin Green, Chance Hamel, Nash Johnsen, Derick Kotchavar, Jensen Lynnes, Quinn McCue, Alara Wilson, Aidan Young, and Aurora Young (whose time exactly matched the qualification standard for her age group) proved themselves masters of the fastest race in swimming. Likewise, the 100 free is a favorite of districts qualifiers. That trend continues through Nash Johnsen, Jensen Lynnes, Alara Wilson, and a strong contingent of 15-18 boys: Hunter Bryant (who cut seven seconds!), Colin Green, Chance Hamel, and Aidan Young.

Aidan Young cut four seconds on his districts-qualified 100 back, while Nash Johnsen beat the 13-14 time standard for the 100 back by 15 seconds. In the 50 Fly, both Owen Camblin and Ralphie Cornejo performed excellently. Owen was the only 8-and-under to successfully complete the 50 Fly–and he beat the 10-and-under districts qualifying time by over three seconds! (Missouri Valley does not issue eight-and-under standards.) Ralphie cut five seconds on his district-qualifying swim. Jensen Lynnes toughed out a 100 fly to qualify for Districts in one of GPSLís most strenuous events.

Derby provided the opportunity to attain long course meter (LCM) qualifying times, which receive priority seeding at postseason meets. In the 50 free, Ralphie Cornejo, Nash Johnsen, Alara Wilson, and Aidan Young met the time standard. Nash Johnsen and Alara Wilson also qualified in twice that distance. Nash Johnsen and Chance Hamel swam qualifying times in the 100 backstroke, and Owen Camblin could even achieve the 50 Fly qualifying time without getting momentum off the wall midway.

And when lifetime best times are considered rather than only the Tuesday performance, this crew is sure to grow! Stay tuned: a few of our swimmers are approaching Championship cuts, the next level of postseason competition.


Kenneth Dockery in the 50 meter run vs. Winfield.

The top finishers at the Derby meet include:
* Hagen Bryant (Third in 11-12 Boys 50 Back);
* Owen Camblin (First in 5-8 Boys 50 Fly; Second in 50 Free; Second in 50 Breast);
* Maizy Cornejo (First in 13-14 Girls 50 Free; Second in 100 Free);
* Ralphie Cornejo (Second in 11-12 Boys 50 Free; Second in 100 Free);
* Michael Davis (Second in 13-14 Boys 200 Free);
* Laney Dillon (Second in 13-14 Girls 100 Back);
* Alec Gonzalez (Third in 13-14 Boys 100 Back);
* Macy Gonzalez (First in 15-18 Girls 50 Free; Second in 100 Back);
* Kinley Gregory (First in 5-8 Girls 50 Free; First in 50 Back; First in 50 Breast);
* Chance Hamel (First in 15-18 Boys 100 Back);
* Ava Hawks (First in 13-14 Girls 100 Free);
* Mia Hawks (First in 11-12 Girls 100 Free; Second in 50 Breast);
* Derex Hay (First in 9-10 Boys 50 Breast);
* Nash Johnsen (First in 13-14 Boys 50 Free; First in 100 Back; First in 100 Free);
* Solomon Ledesma (Second in 9-10 Boys 100 Free);
* Easton Lynnes (Second in 9-10 Boys 50 Back; Third in 50 Free);
* Noah McComb (First in 5-8 Boys 50 Free; First in 100 Free; Second in 50 Fly);
* Quinn McCue (Second in 15-18 Boys 100 Fly);
* Caroline Mott (Third in 9-10 Girls 50 Back);
* Hank Shinliver (First in 11-12 Boys 50 Breast; Third in 100 Free);
* Ashtyn Sowersby (Third in 13-14 Girls 50 Free; Third in 100 Back);
* Arallai Wartick (Third in 11-12 Girls 50 Back; Third in 100 Free);
* Cole Wiens (Second in 13-14 Boys 100 Back; Third in 50 Free);
* Alara Wilson (First in 9-10 Girls 50 Free; First in 100 Free; Third in 50 Breast);
* Aidan Young (Second in 15-18 Boys 50 Free; Second in 100 Back);
* Aurora Young (Second in 13-14 Girls 50 Free; Third in 100 Free).

First-place relays at the Derby meet were:
* Owen Camblin, Ben Farley, Duke Shinliver, Noah McComb (5-8 Boys 200 Free Relay);
* Cole Wiens, Michael Davis, Alec Gonzalez, Nash Johnsen (13-14 Boys 200 Free Relay);
* Easton Lynnes, Derex Hay, Gideon Hargrove, and Kenneth Dockery (9-10 Boys 200 Medley Relay);
* Alec Gonzalez, Cole Wiens, Nash Johnsen, and Michael Davis (13-14 Boys 200 Medley Relay).

The top finishers at the Winfield meet include:
* Averie Black (Second: 13-14 Girls 100 Back);
* Owen Camblin (First: 5-8 Boys 50 Fly; First: 100 Free; Second: 50 Free);
* Ralphie Cornejo (First: 11-12 Boys 50 Fly; First: 100 Free; Third: 50 Free);
* Michael Davis (First: 13-14 Boys 200 Free);
* Emberly Gonzalez (Second: 15-18 Girls 100 Back);
* Shyla Hay (Third: 9-10 Girls 50 Back);
* Nash Johnsen (First: 13-14 Boys 50 Free; First: 100 Back; First: 100 Free);
* Easton Lynnes (Third: 9-10 Boys 50 Free);
* Jensen Lynnes (First: 13-14 Girls 50 Free; First: 100 Fly; First: 100 Free);
* Noah McComb (First: 5-8 Boys 50 Free);
* Quinn McCue (Third: 15-18 Boys 100 Fly);
* Raynee Miller (First: 5-8 Girls 50 Free; Second: 50 Back);
* Caroline Mott (Third: 9-10 Girls 50 Free);
* Duke Shinliver (Second: 5-8 Boys 50 Back);
* Hank Shinliver (Second: 11-12 Boys 100 Free);
* Cole Wiens (Second: 13-14 Boys 50 Free);
* Alara Wilson (First: 9-10 Girls 50 Free; Second: 100 Free);
* Aidan Young (Second: 15-18 Boys 50 Free; Third: 15-18 Boys 100 Back).

The first-place relay at the Winfield meet was:
* Gus Wiens, Timothy Tracy, Quinn McCue, and Derick Kotchavar (15-18 Boys 200 Medley Relay).


Head Coach Anna Wylie and Assistant Coaches Cindy Tracy and Bliss Baird would like to invite the community to cheer on our swimmers tonight (June 27) at the Campus High School Natatorium (not the usual Haysville pool), on Tuesday, July 2 at El Dorado, and on Tuesday, July 9 for the last home meet of the season! All meets will start at 6 p.m.

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