Answers to the 2020 Medallion Clue revealed…

Sumner Newscow report — The following are the Medallion Clue answers for the 2020 contest. The contest was recently won by Eric Murphy of Wellington, on the northeast corner of the Hargis Creek Watershed:

  1. North, south, east, or west, choose wisely and you’ll pass the test; for the prize lies at the end of your quest.

Welcome to the hunt!


  1. If you are near me, you might hear children laugh.

There is a playground located on the East side of the Watershed


  1. Andy and Opie would approve.

They would enjoy our little fishing hole


  1. Had I been there in 08, young Mr. Hurst would not have lost his life.

Refers to the Hargis creek flood of 1908 and the drowning of four-year-old Arthur Hurst. Had the water shed been there…???


  1. 15 + 1; you’re halfway done.

This is in reference to our round-about and how if you are going west to east you switch from 15th to 16th street – pointing you to the east side of town


  1. Head towards the last land of the pioneers; let them lead you in the right direction.

Head east toward the Pioneer Cemetery


  1. Back to the Future at the Chisholm Trail.

The current high school sits where the old Chisholm Trail Drive-In was located – east side of town


  1. Just a day away.

Day Street  – first turn to the watershed


  1. Keyes to the Kingdom.

Keyes Street – forks off from Day and leads you straight to the watershed.


  1. You get a line; I’ll get a pole.

Once again…fishing

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