(Updated Oct. 31) Caldwell School District sends out letter, Jamison said lockdown due to someone driving around schools and taking pictures

Updated – Oct. 31 – by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Thursday morning, USD 360 Superintendent Alan Jamison told KAKE News that last week there had been reports of someone in a nearby town driving around schools and taking pictures of kids on the playground. He said since then they have been conducting lockdown drills to monitor school access.

The Elementary Halloween Parade is still on today in Caldwell and will not be postponed due to this situation, but perhaps because of the weather.

A letter was sent out yesterday to parents. It stated that that the decision to lock the school’s outside doors was made on Monday afternoon. 

“Off and on we have had law enforcement in the building during the day to monitor our building and students,” Jamison said in the letter. “We do not feel we have any threat inside our buildings, but we do have some concerns about how the situation might develop outside of the school.”

The letter then states: “Every school has some sort of crisis plan and we are implementing ours in a state of higher alert… We do not want to create a panic based on assumptions on what might happen, but we do feel that there is a legitimate concern and I want you to know as a parent/guardian you do have the right to do what you think is best for your student and family, even if you feel like keeping your student at home.”


Oct. 30 story, by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Caldwell Superintendent Alan Jamison said the school district is currently in lockdown due to circumstances outside the school system.

“We have been operating our lockdown drills this week,” Jamison said. “Normally, we have three doors we leave unlocked during the day. But this week we have locked those doors.

“Parents who want to enter the building must buzz in first at the front doors.”

Jamison said the school district will be issuing a letter to all parents at the end of today, sharing with them any information concerning the situation at hand.

The reason for the lockdown was not divulged by Jamison.

“I can not comment on student disciplinary matters,” Jamison said. “I will say there is no threat to the safety of the students inside the school building.”

Sumner Newscow has left a message with the Caldwell Police Department that has not been returned.

Usually during normal school hours, Caldwell school has three doors open, but due to precautionary measures this week those doors have been locked. Jamison said students can move from class to class without problems.

This was the message sent over the USD 360 website this morning:

“FYI-A letter will be coming home today with your student about our lock down drills being held the past few days. At this time there are not any known concerns inside the building, but the district will continue to monitor the situation for as long as it warrants. Our number one priority is the safety of our students.”

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