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CultureCow: The Trial of the Chicago 7: the Lincoln Project of movies

Commentary by Devin McCue, Sumner Newscow — Happy Friday. Personally, I have never seen an episode of the early 2000’s drama, the West Wing created by Aaron Sorkin.  I know it’s a staple in American television and considered to be groundbreaking in the way politics were portrayed on the silver screen.

But the constant critique I hear is that it creates a mythical version of politics where facts reign supreme and both sides respect each other as equals.  While I’ve still never seen that show, I know I’ll never need to after watching Sorkin’s new movie on Netflix called the Trial of the Chicago 7.

This film recreates the night in 1968 Chicago where police brutally assaulted protesters outside the Democratic National Convention.  American police making a mockery of their country on the global stage is old hat these days, but at that time this was a major scandal and the Nixon administration was desperate for a scapegoat so they could sell the lie that the very people meant to “protect and serve” citizens were somehow justified when beating the hell out of them on live television.  Luckily there were eight scapegoats in attendance that night, but more on them in a second.

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The zip code disclosure question







Do you think zip code information should be included in the reporting of COVID-19 cases in Sumner County?

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Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The how-you-consume-news question







Where do you consume your national news?

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CultureCow: Special edition from guest writer Stephanie G

by Stephanie “G”, Culturecow guest columnist —  Greetings and welcome to a very special dispatch Culture Cow. Your esteemed host is out this week, but no worries, we’ve got you covered!

“As you may have heard, we are in the midst of a pandemic that has forced lockdowns and businesses to slow down or halt operations entirely. Several months in, various industries have attempted to adjust to a new normal; the NBA has its Bubble, MLB has a sea of cardboard Flat Stanleys in lieu of fans, and television has mouthwash…?

No, that wasn’t a typo. According to the Instagram of KJ Apa, star of The CW’s Riverdale, gargling mouthwash before make-out scenes is just one of the new COVID-19 safety protocols in place. Riverdale is just one of numerous shows that resumed filming back in September, alongside favorites like Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order.

A few weeks ago, major Hollywood unions came out with guidelines for cast and crews to “safely” return to work. It’s unclear though how effective these measures will be, even for shows that are filmed in Canada, which has fared much better during the pandemic.

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The best guitarist of all time question







With the passing of Eddie Van Halen, who do you consider the best guitarist of all time?

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Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The who-won-last-night’s-debate question







So who won last night's debate?

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Sunday blog: I have the perfect solution to how we pick our U.S. Supreme Court nominees

United States Supreme Court Building

Commentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — We all have dreams. My dream is to be the supreme dictator of the world and have everyone bow to my existence.

But since that isn’t realistic, I’ll just pretend like I’m the supreme dictator of the world and you bow to my existence.

As a supreme dictator, my first job would to eliminate the whole U.S. Supreme Court and start over, because the system we have in place is not working.

When our Founding Fathers got together and drafted the U.S. Constitution they were very cognitive of implementing checks and balances. They divided things into three branches: the executive (i.e. Presidency), the congressional, and the judiciary. This way there was a political system in place in which no ruling party could dominate everything, i.e. authoritarianism.

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The ‘how things are going with Cowley County- Sumner Campus so far’ question

Sumner Newscow report — It has been four years since Sumner County voters passed a resolution implementing a half-cent sales tax to build Cowley County- Sumner Campus on the east side of Wellington. So how do you think things have been going so far?




What do you think of Cowley College- Sumner Campus in Wellington so far?

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Guest editorial: The full reopening of the school has consequences

Sumner Newscow report — The following is a guest editorial by Wellington High School sophomore Hunter Lough. It originally was written as a Facebook post. We thought we would share it here.


“There have recently been talks of a sort of full reopening of school, and I would like to address that. I have been waiting for over 200 days for some sort of normalcy, some sort of good news about this nearly inevitable virus. Re-opening with a hybrid plan was a step in the right direction, but we’re far from finished. Completely opening the school again is like falling down the stairs.

Letter to the editor: How I learned to vote pro-life

Editor’s note: The following letter to the editor is written by Jude Robinson of Wellington. People can submit a letter to the editor through our e-mail: or mail it to P.O. Box 755, Wellington, Kans. 67152.


To the editor:

I have watched with growing alarm the many Catholics and Christians who have chosen to align themselves with Donald Trump solely based on his stand on abortion. I am the second eldest of 15 children, eight girls and seven boys, who grew up in a staunchly Catholic family.

After abortion was legalized in New York my mother even switched to a Catholic hospital, leaving behind the place where she had borne most of her children. Needless to say, we grew up pro-life. I have remained so throughout my life.

CultureCow: What do Trump and J.K. Rowling have in common?

Commentary by Devin McCue, Sumner Newscow — In a pandemic with seemingly no end, an election that’ll decide the fate of the country, and nothing but time on your hands for introspection, are you looking for another source of confusion and anxiety?

If so, Charlie Kaufman has you covered with his new mind-bending film I’m Thinking of Ending Things on Netflix.  You may know Kaufman from his deeply cerebral movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich, Synecdoche, New York, etc., and his new offering is no different.

It departs from one of his favorite navel-gazing tropes of making movies about people making movies while delving deeper into the psyche of his characters than ever before.  The plot follows a young woman played by the talented Irish-national Jessie Buckley as she travels through the snowy hellscape of Oklahoma to visit her new boyfriend’s family farm. 

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The America on the right or wrong track question







Is America on the right track?

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Letter to editor: Lots of trash thrown from cars on North Washington Ave.

Editor’s note — The following is a letter to the editor by a Wellington resident who requested anonymity.


To the editor:

What a sight on North Washington Ave. this A.M.!  I have never seen so much trash thrown from cars.  You people have no respect or responsibility…. Take your trash and dispose of it properly!

A concerned Wellington resident.

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The ready for football question







Are you excited for the football season?

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Sunday Blog: Now that it is football season, I’m so over this pandemic

Commentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — I really enjoyed Friday night at Sellers Park. I’m not sure if it was because of the first act of normalcy in six months or the fact the game was a great one (in which Clearwater defeated Wellington 36-29 in overtime).

I think a little of it was these Crusaders are much better than what I thought previously. Wellington has Wichita Collegiate and Andale in the next two weeks which probably will drop the Crusaders to 0-3. But that doesn’t mean this team has an opportunity to have a potentially exciting run in November.

I don’t know what it is about football, but that single-game gave me a sense of  living.

I’m so over this pandemic. I guess I’m fine with shutting down the social gatherings, not having the Wheat Festival or the Sumner County Fair. I love going to concerts but could do without piles of people on top of one another waiting to get a beer. 

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The what-is-stressing-you-out-the-most question







What stresses you out the most about the current world we live in?

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CultureCow: 3 shows with better writing than H.P. Lovecraft ever had

Commentary by Devin McCue, Sumner Newscow — Happy Friday. If you’re a big reader, at one point or another someone has probably told you to check out the stories of H. P. LovecraftHe’s the father of modern horror, he nearly invented a new genre of Weird fiction, and the World Fantasy award for Fiction used to be a bust of his head so what’s not to like?

Well first off, he writes like he has an open thesaurus next to his typewriter and by god he’s going to use every synonym for “walking” as possible rather than just telling you the protagonist crossed the damn beach (referencing Dagon). His reveals are always lackluster because they almost always briefly mention a towering monster that drives the characters mad.

But worse than his drawn-out writing style or his underwhelming monsters is his blatant and abhorrent racism.  Lovecraft wrote several stories where the big twist at the end was an interracial marriage and a number of letters to friends throughout his life sympathizing with the KKK and Adolf Hitler.  And this isn’t old “a product of his time” racism, he was over the top for even that period of history.  So how do we discuss a man so influential to writing history while acknowledging his despicable nature?  That’s a question HBO’s new miniseries Lovecraft Country seeks to tackle.

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The Coronavirus vaccine question







Would you get a government-approved coronavirus vaccine?

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Sunday blog: Don’t worry, be happy… unless you are from Nebraska

Commentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — I have many faults. But right near the top of the list is following a set of rules.

Deciphering instruction manuals are the worst. If I have to assemble an exercise bike or a television stand, I’m throwing things.

The more rules I need to follow the worse it gets. It is why I collect speeding tickets, miss trash pickup days, and forget to buy Christmas presents.  

Thank goodness this pandemic hit after I got my kids raised. I’d be quarantining myself right now in a straitjacket. Me homeschooling Quinn? Now that would be one helluva reality show.

So whatever nasty thing you have to say about the Wellington school administration and its teaching staff, you have to give them credit. They are working really, really hard to pull off this school year. I don’t envy them a bit. If they have to deal with people like me times 100, they are in for an incredible challenge.

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The school opening question







Should the public schools reopen this fall?

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