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Guest Editorial II: In the long run the irrigation system could bring great $$$ to golf course

Golf and its course graphic

The following is a guest editorial by Eric Pierce, who is an independent business consultant and an avid Sumner Newscow reader…

by Eric Pierce, an independent consultant —  First the Wellington Golf Irrigation System investment although seems staggering to many is actually quite a sound and intelligent investment. Sticker shock has people wondering why we are doing this when so much turmoil remains in the majority of the city. I have created an “Impact Analysis” of the new irrigation system. I am basing this solely on round cost and rounds played and projecting general modest increases and decreases in certain areas. I will breakdown the reasoning behind those later. Look at my following figure here.

In 2015, according to WGC figures, there were 18,000 rounds played at the Wellington Golf Course — 6,000 rounds of the 18,000 are from out of town golfers. The basis for this analysis is to not only retain that current rate of out of town rounds but slightly increase them through a more efficient/more manicured course. Another reason for this analysis is to prove that it is a sound investment. Because of the cost of the new irrigation system the cost of a round needs to increase roughly $2 a round to begin to offset the cost. It will only be a fraction of the cost but we have to start somewhere! Also inflation needs to be addressed so increasing the dollars per round only generates additional revenues as the price for a round of golf is generally fairly elastic as long as your course is maintained.

Guest editorial: New Legislation could help SRMC receive an additional $583,000 a year

Guest editorial generic

Commentary by Kim Moore, President, United Methodist Health Ministry Fund — New legislation titled “The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas” program would make health insurance affordable for hardworking Kansas people with low incomes. It provides a bridge from public assistance into the private market over time by promoting personal responsibility and accountability.

This new Kansas solution is not Obamacare. It is centered on our values of hard work and personal responsibility – a solution that does not leave those in need without health care coverage. The Bridge to a Healthy Kansas is not only good for 150,000 Kansans; it also is good for Kansas taxpayers, businesses and the economy.

Opponents of expansion tend to use the term “able-bodied” to describe a population they imply does not deserve access to health insurance. These are our bus drivers, child care workers, medical assistants, dishwashers, housekeepers, landscapers, fast food workers, college students and single parents staying home with young children. They are a vulnerable population, too, and to suggest otherwise because they are “able-bodied” is incorrect.

Special Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The Super Bowl question








Who will win Super Bowl 50?

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Wellington teams have work cut out for them; Conway Springs, South Haven have big contests tonight

Sumner weekly basketball report

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — It is February and this is crunch time for Kansas high school basketball teams across the state. Here is a preview of the weekend ahead for the seven Sumner County schools:


The Crusader basketball teams are still in non-league play with a trip to Augusta tonight.

The Wellington girls are 13-0 and will meet a dangerous Oriole team that is 7-6 and winners of three straight including a 54-26 victory over Mulvane Tuesday night.

The Wellington boys are jockeying for position in the sub-state tournament to be here later this month. The Crusaders are 6-7 and currently the top seed with Rose Hill at 4-11, Mulvane at 2-12 and Winfield 1-12.

Augusta will be tough for the Wellington boys, bringing in an identical 6-7 record into tonight’s game.

Conway Springs

Garden Plain snapped the Conway Springs boys winning streak last Friday. But tonight, the Cardinals have the opportunity to settle the score and win an important league game as they travel to Garden Plain.

The Revenant starts tonight at the Wellington Regent

Revenant at Wellington Regent

This week at the Regent Theater: The Revenant (see trailer below)

Schedule: Thursday at 7 p.m., Friday, 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 2 and 7 p.m.

Rated: R. Time: 2 hour 36 minutes

Movie Synopsis:Inspired by true events, THE REVENANT is an immersive and visceral cinematic experience capturing one man’s epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of the human spirit. In an expedition of the uncharted American wilderness, legendary explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team.

Sylvester Provencio charged with rape of 13-year-old at New Years Eve Party

Police Report

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Sylvester Provencio, 21, of Caldwell has been charged with rape, an off grid personal felony.

A criminal complaint with the rape charge was filed by the Sumner County Attorney’s office Wednesday. Provencio also faces four counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor, Class B misdemeanors.

Sylvester Provencio

Sylvester Provencio

According to the complaint, Province engaged in sexual intercourse with a victim, age 13, allegedly at a New Years Eve party, who was “overcome by force or fear.”

He also allegedly bought alcoholic liquor to the victim at his parent’s residence in Caldwell.

Sumner County caravan takes trip to Topeka to hear debate on school district consolidation

Kansas Legislative session
Sumner County school patrons speak with Steve Abrams about consolidation bill in Topeka.

Sumner County school patrons speak with Steve Abrams about consolidation bill in Topeka. (Courtesy photo).

by James Jordan and Tracy McCue, Sumner NewscowThe bill calling for the consolidation of school districts, including those in Sumner County, drew a lot of heat in a committee hearing Wednesday at the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka. The measure, introduced yesterday in a House Education Committee hearing, if passed into law would consolidate school districts, not the schools themselves. The law would reduce the school districts in Kansas from 286 to 132.

Fifteen Sumner County representatives of administrators, board members, patrons and one teacher took the voyage to Topeka yesterday to hear debate on H.B. 2504. They also visited with the state representatives Kasha Kelley and Kyle Hoffman; and State Senator Steve Abrams – all who represent Sumner County. The committee room was overflowing with some standing in the hallway.

South Haven School Superintendent Lynn Archer said when her group met with Kelley, she said she did not think this particular bill would go any further in its current form. But that doesn’t mean the it couldn’t be merged with another bill later, or reintroduced in another bill altogether. Abrams told the group he is against mandatory consolidation. Neither would elaborate on the issue any further at their office meeting with Sumner County school representatives Wednesday, Archer said.

Three great events coming this February to D-Tan Salon

D-Tan ad

D-Tan Lip SenseD-Tan Daddy DaughterD-Tan Daughter-Daddy night

Wellington Council requests sealed bids to local banks to finance golf irrigation system

Wellington City Council Roundup

by James Jordan and Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The Wellington City Council voted to finance an irrigation system for the municipal golf course through a lease purchase agreement through a local financial institution. The city will ask local banks to bid on the financing for the $226,000 Professional Turf Products/TORO irrigation system which replaces the existing system at the Wellington Municipal Golf Course.

On Friday, during a noon special council meeting, the council voted to forego a bidding process and proceed with a purchase of the current irrigation system which was installed in 1993. However, the council took no action or directive on how to fund the new system.

After discussing options, the council voted 6-0 to provide sealed bids to local banks this morning, and proceed with lease purchase in which no payments will be implemented until March of 2017. How often the city will make payments depends on the stipulations in the contract between the city and the winning bidder. The council will vote on a finance resolution at its next regular meeting.

In a memo sent to the council before Tuesday night’s meeting, Wellington Finance Director Shane Shields outlined financing options. The city could use funds out of:

Late first-half run lifts Crusader South to 65-41 victory; Crusader North returns favor in boys

Crusader South dominates
Tayland French goes to the hoop against Buhler. (Dustin Craig photo).

Tayland French goes to the hoop against Buhler. Avery Rusk is pictured above. (Dustin Craig photo).

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — When Wellington and Buhler square off, it is always billed as the “battle of the Crusaders” because they both have the same mascots.

The Crusader South team picked up the victory on the girls side 65-41. The Crusader North squad would return the favor in the nightcap, 75-50.

Connor Phelps helps keep Wellington close in first half.

Connor Phelps helps keep Wellington close in first half.

This marked the first home game in Wellington in three weeks for the Crusader South Nation. Wellington girls returned to action after winning the Haven Girls Tournament on Saturday and achieving a No. 2 ranking in the latest Kansas Basketball Coaches Association poll. The boys hadn’t played for a week after finishing second in the Chaparral Tournament.

In front of a large crowd, Wellington girls would pick up a 24-point win that didn’t exactly start out looking like it would be any kind of blowout.

The two Crusader teams were locked in a showdown early. Buhler was in a 2-3 zone and Wellington was having trouble getting the ball to the hole. On those occasions, Wellington could get inside the paint, the shots weren’t falling.

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The O.J. Simpson trial question








It has been 20 years since the O.J. Simpson murder trial. What is your feeling today?

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Self sufficient Wellington Airport continues to wait on runway extension

Wellington Airport Patrick Hamlin flying

by James Jordan, Sumner Newscow — The groundwork is done, and now Wellington Airport manager Patrick Hamlin is waiting to see when the paving of the runway extension will be finished. They have received some grants, but are in a holding pattern about the remainder of the funding for the project that would extend the runway to 5,200 feet from its current 4,200 feet.

The Wellington Airport is self sufficient for the most part as far as running the facility. The airport serves as sort of a gas station for jets making trips across the country. Hamlin said small private jets find it easier to stop in Wellington to get fuel, than to stop at the Wichita airport and contend with all the traffic.

The airport ended the year in 2015 by turning a small profit of about $12,000. That is not a lot in the overall scheme of things, but it does at least show the airport is self sufficient. It cannot however, do large projects like a runway extension with its income. That is where grants come in.

Sunday feature: From Oxford to the Super Bowl, Bruce DeHaven has been a proven winner

Bruce DeHaven feature

DeHaven picture insideby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Next Sunday after the Star Spangled Banner is sung and the introductions are made, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will put their special teams units onto the field to kick off Super Bowl 50. Somewhere on the Panther sidelines will be a man who once resided in Oxford.

Super Bowl 50 logoBruce DeHaven, 67, is the head special teams coordinator for the Panthers. In some sense he is considered the guru of all special teams coaches in the NFL. His stops have been many and this won’t be his first Super Bowl. He has made stops with the Buffalo Bills, the Dallas Cowboys, the Seattle Seahawks among others. Along the way he has coached up some of the greatest special teams players in the business — like Steve Tasker.

DeHaven was there to witness his field goal kicker Scott Norwood miss a game winning field goal in the Super Bowl. He was there on the wrong end of The Music City Miracle when the Tennessee Titans.

DeHaven has been a national figure for over 30 years.

But before any of that happened, DeHaven would coach on every level of football. And at the very beginning, he was coaching an 11-man football team in a little Sumner County town called Oxford.

And one can argue that here is where the seed was planted.

The beginning…

Kyle Hoffmann: Making our local hospital more reliant on federal money can be unwise

Guest editorial generic

Commentary by Kyle Hoffman, 116th District state representative — Living in a small community and helping with the health needs of aging parents, I know that access to healthcare is important to rural communities like Wellington and the surrounding area. With that in mind, I appreciate the opportunity to respond to Tracy’s Sunday Blog and Mr. Deschaine’s coments about Medicaid. It’s necessary to share a few important factors about Medicaid expansion that the people of Wellington deserve to know.

Kyle Hoffman

Kyle Hoffman

First a little background, Medicaid is the government healthcare program for low-income and disabled Kansans. It’s designed to serve truly vulnerable people—Kansans who are physically or intellectually disabled, children, pregnant women, women who’ve given birth in the last year, and the frail and elderly. Medicaid expansion would begin including able bodied adults without children who have income up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level, some who already have private health insurance now.

The federal government under Obamacare entices states to expand their Medicaid programs with the promise of “free money,” but history shows that the feds rarely keep their funding promises. Although as McCue and Deschaine said, there is no proof that the money will disappear, the money is also not guaranteed. Earlier this month, the U.S. Congress voted to dismantle Obamacare–including the money for Medicaid expansion. The vote indicates there is a very real possibility the federal law will be repealed and replaced once President Obama leaves office. Making our local hospital reliant on a law that has a high likelihood of being repealed is unwise.

Wellington goes 12-0 with big win over Goddard 47-41

Crusader sports news
Wellington wins tournament championship.

Wellington wins tournament championship.

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Wellington head coach Eric Adams said before the season started, the Crusader girls made it a goal to win four tournaments. They have now won two.

Wellington beat Goddard 47-42 to win the Haven Tournament Saturday night. And it did so with a shocking stat. The Crusaders had just one field goal in the second half, three in three quarters, and none in the fourth. The Crusaders were able to secure this game because of two things: a red hot first quarter, and plenty of time on the free throw line. Wellington shot 40 free throws Saturday night making 23.

Yes, it was that kind of day where the officials blew their whistles any time a player breezed by. The Lions were 15 of 23 at the line – not exactly a lack of charity stripe time for them either.

In the end, Wellington would capture the Haven Tournament Championship and is now a perfect 12-0. It also secured victory against an old friend, former WHS head coach Kevin Hackerott.

Ty Sober is named Wellington’s Distinguished Service of the Year Award

Ty Sober DSA winner
Ty Sober received the DSA award at The Gold Corner after not being able to attend Friday's ceremonies.

Ty Sober received the DSA award at The Gold Corner earlier this week.

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Ty Sober, owner of the Gold Corner, was named the 2016 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award held Friday night at the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Celebration held at Memorial Auditorium.

Susan’s Photography was name the 2016 Business of the Year.

Susan's Photography is presented business of year award.

Susan’s Photography is presented business of year award.

Brandon Earl, manager of  Mill Creek Lumber, was named Young Professional of the year.

Brandon Earl, manager at Mill Creek Lumber, was presented the award by the Sumner County Young Professionals.

Brandon Earl, manager at Mill Creek Lumber, was presented the award by the Sumner County Young Professionals.

The evening also offered a speech by outgoing President Cody White and incoming President Kip Etter.

White presented his two President’s Award. Shawn DeJarnett was recognized for raising money and coaching the Wellington Girls Babe Ruth team to the World Series in Jensen Beach, Fla. last summer.

Maria Holverson was also given the President’s Award. She just retired from the Wellington Recreation Commission Friday evening.

Wellington Council votes 5-1 to purchase new irrigation system for golf course

Wellington City Council Roundup

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — By a 5-1 vote, the Wellington City Council approved the purchase of a $226,000 Professional Turf Products/TORO irrigation system which replaces the existing system at the Wellington Municipal Golf Course.

The council gave the approval without designating a revenue source for the new expense. Wellington City Mayor Shelley Hansel said city staff will determine a source of funding in the near future.

The irrigation system replaces an operating irrigation system that was purchased in 1993 that is no longer functional, said Derek Harrison, Wellington Golf Manager.

“They have told us at minimum it will take 12 weeks before they can deliver, install and get the new system operable,” Harrison said. “It’s almost February now. To not be able to water already through April already puts us behind the eight ball.

Wellington City Council discusses advisory, authority board appointments Thursday

Wellington City Council Roundup

Sumner Newscow report — Reminder, the Wellington City Council is having a special meeting at noon today to take up some matters it considers urgent, which is why such a meeting was called. The council will be discussing property acquisition though they did not name the property. They could have an executive session for contractual or business matters, but Mayor Shelly Hansel said she was not certain.

The council will also talk about the golf course irrigation system which has been discussed for some time. They will also appoint a person to the planning commission.

At its work session Thursday, the council went over various applications for the several boards the city has. Things like the Airport advisory board, the hospital board, library board and so forth were discussed. The council is expected to make some recommendations at the next meeting Tuesday, and some will not come until March.

The council had a big list of candidates and nearly everyone who applied got put on a board. Some applicants listed their first or second choice of boards.

Daddy’s Home comes to Wellington Regent this weekend

Wellington Regent Daddy's Home

This week at the Regent Theater: Daddy’s Home (see trailer below)

Schedule: Friday, 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 2 and 7 p.m.

Rated: PG-13. Time: 1 hour 36 minutes

Movie Synopsis: An affable radio executive finds himself competing for the affections of his step-children following the unexpected reappearance of his wife’s ex-husband in this Paramount Pictures comedy. ~ Rovi

Pioneer League basketball brackets released; Wellington girls embark on Haven Tourney; Conway Springs girls win…

Sumner weekly basketball report

By Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Midweek basketball report including year end Pioneer League Middle School Tournament brackets to be held next weekend, and updates of the Sumner County high school teams going into this weekend.

Pioneer League Tournament brackets released

The seventh and eighth grade boys and girls Wellington Knight basketball teams will be participating in their season ending tournament starting Feb. 6 that will carry through to next week if they are successful.

The girls tournaments will be played at Winfield while the boys will be playing at Arkansas City.

The full brackets for the girls tournaments can be found here and the boys tournaments here.

The Wellington seventh grade girls are the No. 1 seed in the six-team tournament and will await the winner of #4 Winfield and No. 5 Mulvane at 12:45 a.m. Saturday. If they win they will play at 5 p.m. Monday.

The Wellington eighth grade girls are No. 2 and received a first round bye. They will play the winner of #3 Mulvane and #6 Clearwater at 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

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