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Can Can girls and Jessie Chisholm came to Wellington

The Can Can girls were dancing up a show at the Regent Monday.

Sumner Newscow report — On Monday, the “Wild Women of the West” Dance Hall girls and Can-Can dancers, along with a visit by Jesse Chisholm portrayed by Sumner Newscow’s own James Jordan, performed at the Wellington Regent Theater.

Caldwell’s Wild Women of the West portrayed the famous (and infamous) women from the Old West.

All the pictures from the fun filled event can be found here.

James Jordan as Jesse Chisholm.

Brooke McCorkle named Big Cheese Athlete of the Week

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Brooke McCorkle, a Wellington sophomore for the girls softball team, has been named Big Cheese Athlete of the Week.

Brooke McCorkle

McCorkle capped a very busy week on Monday by pitching a seven-inning shutout, by striking out 14 batters and allowing four hits in a 9-0 victory over Buhler. In that game she had 90 pitches with 66 of them being strikes for a .733 percent strike rate. She also had 22 of 27 first strike pitches. She also recorded a victory over Mulvane on Thursday by striking four and allowing 11 hits. On Wednesday, she pitched 8.2 innings, throwing a six-hitter and striking out 10.

On the batting side, McCorkle had 12 hits in six games, including a triple and two doubles. She has a .690 on base percentage.

For her efforts, McCorkle receives a delicious free large delicious pizza at Big Cheese Pizza at 324 N. Washington. 

Wellington girls break 3-game losing streak with 3-game winning streak

Wellington’s Madi Lewellen pitching in game one vs. Mulvane. Jacelyn Buck is shown above. 

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The Wellington girls are 7-5 for the season after sweeping Buhler Monday 20-6 and 9-0. On Thursday at home, Wellington lost to Mulvane 6-5 before coming back in the nightcap and winning 4-3.

Interesting statistic: Wellington has lost four of its five games by one run. The Lady Dukes could be 11-1 with a few more breaks. Subsequently, it has won two one-run games and could be 5-7.

Wellington had little trouble with Buhler on the road. In game one, Avery Rusk was 4 of 5 at the plate including a home run. Wellington opened with an 8-3 first inning lead and after rather two quiet innings, the Crusaders scored four runs in the fourth and six runs in the fifth.

The Lady Dukes would bang out 21 hits in this five-run rule game. Jacelyn Buck had two triples and Madi Lewellen had a double. In three of the five innings, Wellington would go through its whole batting rotation.

Lewellen was the starting pitcher allowing nine hits and two walks while striking out eight.

In game two, Wellington continued its dominance with Rusk ripping off four hits. Jacelyn Buck smacked a home run. Rusk, McKenna Jones and Brooke McCorkle all had triples.

Wellington baseball team falls to 5-8 with Buhler sweep, Mulvane split

Wellington’s Cade Phelps gets hugged by teammates after hitting a 2RBI walk off double in a game with Mulvane last week.

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The Wellington boys baseball team finds itself in need of breaking a three-game losing streak after getting swept in Buhler Monday. On Thursday, Wellington split with Mulvane, winning the first game 7-6 before losing the second 11-1 at Sellers Park.

The Crusaders are 5-8 with one make-up and six games left on the schedule. The Crusaders return home to host Clearwater Thursday. The doubleheader opening pitch starts at 4 p.m. at Sellers Park.

Wellington ran into a buzz saw in Buhler, which is 9-1 for the season having lost only to Circle. Buhler would run-rule the Dukes 12-0 after five innings. The northern Crusaders scored three runs in the second, two runs in the third, and seven runs in the fourth. The southern Crusaders went through four pitchers with Therin Frame attributed with the loss allowing five hits.

Julian Jimenez was the lone Duke to get a hit in the first contest.

The second game was a little better but not much. Wellington was cursed with five errors. Connor Burnett had an especially good game at the plate with three RBIs on two doubles.

K.C. BBQ Society sanctioned Chisholm Trail BBQ Cook Off will start this weekend in Wellington

by Amber Schmitz, Sumner Newscow — With 30 teams signed up for the Chisholm Trail BBQ Cook Off next weekend, Wellington will smell delicious.

The cook off is sanctioned by the Kansas City BBQ Society for the first time and will include a KCBS professionally judged competition, a Kid-Q Contest, and a People’s Choice Award judged by contest attendees. Proceeds from the People’s Choice competition are going to be donated to the Memorial Auditorium air conditioning fund. There will be 40 judges available who have been certified by the Kansas City BBQ Society.

“We have a great committee, the planning has gone really well,” said Sunni Bales, who, along with her husband, Jim Bales, is a certified KCBS judge.

Kansas City BBQ Society rules and regulations will be followed. There will be a total of $5,000 up for grabs in grand prize money. Entry fee will include entry into categories of chicken, ribs, pork butt and brisket. The fee also includes entry into the People’s Choice, a pork butt, 15 amp 110v outlet, 20×30 ft space, water, 2 bags of ice, and a gift bag, which includes gifts from local businesses and contest sponsors. There will be prizes awarded for Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, top 10 places in each category, and People’s Choice.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt warns Wellington residents of scams

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt speaks to a Wellington audience about consumer scams and what you should do to prevent them.

by Amber Schmitz, Sumner Newscow — Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt visited Wellington on Thursday afternoon in an effort to warn residents about possible scams, and how to protect themselves.

“We get 4,000 complaints about scams in Kansas alone,” Schmidt said.

Recovery of money varies, but can be in the $10 million range.

“That’s a lot of money that someone ripped off that we got back,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt went on to talk about consumer scams, such as telemarketing, lemon laws, and the additional tools that consumers need that don’t require hiring a private attorney.

Wellington Police Weekend Report: Friday, April 21 – Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wellington Police weekend report: Friday, April 21 – Sunday, April 23, 2017:

Post your FREE Wellington Citywide Garage Sale ads for Saturday, April 29

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — This weekend will be the biggest garage sale weekend of the year in Wellington with the Citywide Garage Sale this Saturday, April 29. Post your FREE garage sale ads in the comment section below for the citywide garage sale here.

These are absolutely free garage sale ads and will be read by significantly more people than the $20 you will pay elsewhere. We will rerun this post a couple of more times before the big event.

Good luck with bargain hunting! 

Sunday blog: The psychology of challenging our mindset

Commentary by Robert Escandon, Sumner Newscow — Since I started writing columns for Newscow, I have been amazed by some of the reader-responses.  Whereas, I expected disagreement with some of my thoughts, I have been truly surprised by the vehemence of some responses.  It’s not that some responses have been rude, (I have enough self-confidence to handle that) it’s that they are actually “angry” at some of the views or thoughts I might have expressed.

Robert Escandon

The whole point of our press is that it is free to express opinions.  Okay, some of my views will not be shared by everyone (no surprise there).  On occasions, when a responder is expressing very strong levels of emotion, I have suggested they write their own counter-article and offer it to Newscow — unless Tracy is hiding things from me (which I doubt) then no reader has yet taken up that offer.

Some have advised that I “take my leftist views with me and get the hell outta Dodge.” Interestingly, I have always thought of myself as a centrist and am generally wary of political views which are towards the extremes (left or right).  Having lived for 68 years, I see that most problems exist in gray areas, where, at least some, compromise may be sought.  There can be no compromises with extreme points of view.

So, I have been trying to rationalize why some readers might get angry with my written words as opposed to simply offering points of disagreement.  After all, I am not angry when writing a column. I am simply offering some thoughts and opinions for my words to convey.  I happen to like writing and find it quite therapeutic — kind of “clears my brain” of thoughts that roll around inside my head. 

The 2017 Wellington Prom in awards and pictures

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The Wellington Prom 2017 is now officially over and all the junior and senior prom participants probably made it home during some early morning hour.  For all the pictures click here.

Jayden Dycus and Mallory Barker were crowned WHS Prom Lord and Lady at the dance.

Here are the other award winners: 

Sumner County Court Docket: April 21, 2017 report

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The following are a list of criminal court complaints recently filed by the Sumner County Attorney’s office.

These are formal charges introduced into the Sumner County District Court system. The suspects listed in the complaint have not been tried by a judge or jury unless specified otherwise. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


New Sumner non-profit organization Bridges Community Resource Services, Inc. is formed

Debbie and Rachel Reed have started new charity organization.

by Amber Schmitz, Sumner Newscow — Seeing a need for more direct assistance with Sumner County residents, Debbie Reed branched out from Catholic Charities with her daughter, Rachel Reed, to form a new non-profit organization.

Bridges Community Resource Services, Inc., or Bridges for short, became incorporated in March.  Reed was with Catholic Charities for five years, being with them from their beginning here.

“I saw that the need outweighed the resources in the county, and I wanted to be able to help more people,” said Debbie Reed. “Catholic Charities really inspired me.”

Reed brings 37 years of experience in social services, including MRDD behavioral psychology.

“I like to talk to the client and find out the underlying issues, and how best to help people,” Reed said.

Power Rangers playing at Wellington Regent

This week at the Regent Theater: “Power Rangers”

Schedule: Friday, 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 2 and 7 p.m.

Feature film rating: PG (for some action violence, peril and frightening images).

Time: 2 hours, 4 minutes.

Movie Synopsis: A group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.

Sumner Newscow weekly poll: The automated trash system question







From what you read so far, would you like the city of Wellington to switch to an automated trash service?

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City of Wellington agrees to contract to collect bad utility debts

by James Jordan, Sumner Newscow — The City of Wellington agreed to a contract with the Collection Bureau of Kansas to try to collect bad debts for its utility department. The company is in the business of collecting debts for cities around the state, and some other entities, and will get a percentage of what it collects.

The council approved joining CBK at its meeting Tuesday.

The city has just over $1 million in bad debt that it has accrued since 2003. There is more that has been put in a state setoff program, and the city has collected some through that state operation.

The city had been working with CBK sporadically in the past.

City of Wellington contemplates switching to automatic trash service; but start-up costs are significant

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The Wellington City Council is contemplating a new way to collect trash. The problem, as always, is the costs of making the transition.

Last month, when the council gathered to look at looming city projects on the immediate horizon, the subject of trash came up. The city of Wellington is currently losing money on its waste collections to a tune of about $25,000 a year. Also, the city needs to buy two new trash trucks and perhaps a third by 2020 to round out full replacement of a four-truck fleet.

But instead of purchasing new rear-loading trucks at $150,000 to $180,000 a pop, the council instead is contemplating following the lead of many private trash companies and some municipalities and going with automation.

An automated trash service as the video illustrates will feature a truck with a side-loader (or front loader) that pulls up to the side of the curb. A mechanical arm reaches out and grabs a designated trash container before dumping trash into the bin. There would be two containers: one for regular trash and the second for recyclables.

The key difference from a customer standpoint: everyone would use city-sanctioned dumpsters and everyone would have to put their trash to the curb. Commercial customers, due to the sheer volume of trash consumed, would still be picked up with traditional rear-loaders.

The City of El Dorado has gone to fully automation since 2009. Brad Meyer, Director of Public Works at El Dorado, swears by it.

Connor Vaughn named Big Cheese Athlete of the Week

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — There is nothing in the Big Cheese Athlete of the Week rules book that says the athlete has to be a high school student.

Therefore we are making 2012 Wellington High School graduate Connor Vaughn, Big Cheese Athlete of the Week.

Vaughn just ran the Boston Marathon (see story below). If you are running the Boston Marathon from Sumner County, then you are definitely the Big Cheese athlete of the Week. For his efforts, the next time he is in town, Vaughn is entitled to a FREE delicious large Big Cheese Pizza at 324 N. Washington Ave. 

Connor Vaughn of Wellington participates in 2017 Boston Marathon

Connor Vaughn completes the 2017 Boston Marathon in under three hours.

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Connor Vaughn, a 2012 Wellington High School graduate, participated in this year’s Boston Marathon — considered one of the most prestigious long-distance races in the world.

Vaughn, the son of Tim and Elizabeth Vaughn, finished the 26.2 mile race in 2 hours, 59 minutes, 1 second Monday afternoon.

He finished the race in 1,324th place and 1,239th amongst males. Not bad considering there were 30,074 runners in the Patriot’s Day marathon – 16,376 of them being male.

He averaged 6:50 minute per mile Monday.

Running was not something Vaughn was known for in high school. He played football and tennis for the Crusaders.

Hundreds of children go to the annual Easter Egg hunt at Hargis Watershed

Don’t mess with this girl, who was off to the races in the 2017 Hargis Creek Watershed Easter Egg hunt.

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — There were Easter Egg hunts throughout Sumner County. But none bigger than the 2017 Hargis Creek Watershed Easter Egg hunt on Saturday at noon.

This particular Easter Egg hunt may be considered the granddaddy of Sumner County Easter Egg hunts. It was originally the Wellington Optimist Club Easter Egg hunt but the organization disbanded. Still, Ron Kimball of Kimball Insurance decided to keep it going. Each year, hundreds of children scrambled for eggs throughout the park nestled in northeast Wellington.

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