Council votes to guarantee loan for Sumner Regional Medical Center

by James Jordan, Sumner Newscow — The Wellington City Council voted to guarantee a loan the hospital is getting from a local bank to help with cash flow. The loan is for $150,000. But the city will only be on the hook for that if the hospital is unable to pay the loan off.

The vote was held at a special meeting at city hall Thursday. Sumner Regional Medical Center was discussed at length.

The hospital is in a little better shape than it was a year or so ago when it was in a crisis and there were fears it might close.

But small rural hospitals are struggling across the country, and Wellington is not different.

One idea that was discussed was to form a task force, or a group of citizens, to consider what Wellington needs most. That is something that may be done in the future, and it could change the direction of the local medical facility.

Recently, Les Dean was hired as the CEO, after an interim who was here for about a year left.

Dean has been a hospital employee for several years.

Cash flow has been an issue for the hospital for some time, and it continues to be.

There was no executive session held.

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