Crusader Wall of Recognition is seeking nominations

The Wellington Crusader Wall of Recognition is seeking nominations for the Crusader Wall of Recognition. The Crusader Wall of Recognition was established to honor culture and tradition of excellence and high achievement by recognition of outstanding Wellington High School Alumni and contributors.

It also serves to inspire current and future Crusaders to lead their lives in a way that will perpetuate the standards of excellence and high achievement the honorees have set forth. The Crusader Wall of Recognition was implemented in 2012 with a total of 23 inductees to date.

It is easy to submit a nomination. Eligibility Requirements and the Nomination Form are available online here.

Garrison Hullinger is the President of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Inc. (GHID), located in Portland, Oregon. Garrison grew up in Wellington and attended local schools through graduation at Wellington High School in 1983. Since college proved not to be in Garrison’s future, he jumped excitedly into the retail field and excelled with jobs at Dillard’s, Foley’s, Neiman Marcus and Gap. He was one of the founding employees of a new Gap division called “Old Navy” and eventually worked his way up to Store Technology Project Manager. He was an integral part of the “Old Navy” team that helped them become the first retailer to do more than $1 billion in its first four years of business in 500 stores nationwide. Garrison is a prime example of how life’s misfortune can guide us to our ultimate purpose. He suffered a serious work-related accident in 1999 when he incurred a traumatic brain injury, which caused him to hit the reset button on life. Spending four years relearning how to read, write and walk again. As part of his recover he began managing small projects like replacing the kitchen sink and faucet to help regain motor skills. As his improvement progressed, he began buying and remodeling homes in San Francisco, which led to increased confidence in his design skills.

At that point he knew he had found his true career, so he officially launched his design business from his home attic with 1 part-time employee. That particular home was published in multiple magazines and highlighted on a couple of different TV shows, which caused his design business to skyrocket. In 2017, with 25 employees, GHID was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Oregon and Southwest Washington State.

Garrison is well respected within the design industry because of his generous ability to share best business practices and for embracing a forward-thinking philosophy in creating a working business model. He is proud to say he is an “early adapter” and is quick to adapt his business needs that have taken a $75,000 company in 2009 to over $5 million in 2017.

Garrison was named a 2020 Top Influencer in Home Design by GHID has become a standout in the area of multifamily and resort interior design with a goal that each project is to provide a unique, out of the box, interior design plan that captures the desires of the resident and is mindful of the budget and construction limitations while creating fresh unseen moments throughout the spaces. GHID recently completed several luxurious condo remodels for the Vail Four Seasons Resort & Residences in Vail, CO. Garrison’s design work continues to be featured in magazines across the country each year. See more about GHID at

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