Curtis Everhart, 31, Wellington charged with 3 felonies from Friday’s drug bust

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Curtis Everhart, 31, of Wellington has been charged with three felony counts, one misdemeanor, and a traffic infraction by the Sumner County Attorney’s office today for a drug bust that occurred at 10:48 p.m. Friday, May 24.

Everhart has been charged with:

•Possession of stolen property, Class A misdemeanor;

•Failing to stop vehicle emerging from a private driveway, a traffic infraction;

•Possession of Methamphetamine with intent to distribute, a level 2 felony;

•Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute; a level 3 drug felony (greater than 3.5 grams obtained).

•Possession of drug paraphernalia, a level 5 drug felony.

A hearing date has been set at the Sumner County District Court for June 6.

On Friday, May 24, according to the court complaint, Everhart obtained control over a stolen 22-inch Vizio television, valued less than $1,000, from a Winfield Wal-Mart that was allegedly stolen from someone else. The complaint said Gail Leighty, address not listed on the complaint, stole the TV from the Wal-Mart and put it in Everhart’s vehicle offering to sell it to him for $150. Instead of returning the TV, the complaint said, Everhart kept it and took it to Wellington.

He then drove to Wellington and was at the private drive at Wheat Country Car Wash. He attempted to emerge onto U.S. 160, but failed to stop the vehicle immediately prior to crossing the sidewalk and into traffic.

Everhart is then accused of possessing 24 grams of methamphetamine inside a black pouch in his glove compartment.

He also allegedly possessed 17 grams of marijuana in his backpack, and scales and baggies used to distribute controlled substances.

Everhart was stopped by the Wellington Police Department after it received news from the Winfield PD that he had stolen property and was on his way to Wellington. It was one of two drug busts the Wellington PD had over the weekend (see story here).

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