Denny Leak carving Eagle for Eisenhower Elementary


By Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Denny Leak is doing it again. The man who carved out the wooden lion statue at Century Park, is currently in front at Eisenhower Elementary School carving out an Eagle.

Eisenhower Elementary’s mascot are the eagles. Thursday afternoon, Leak brought in a cedar tree stump from someplace else and began carving away. He even had a couple of students help him with the preservatives.

Today and maybe next week, he will work on the finer details and painting of the eagle, making it into a reality. 

Leak has been carving things out of wood with a chainsaw for years, getting his start years ago clearing trees on his father’s farm in Colorado. His wife suggested making a bear, and he did. That went well, so there were more projects.

Leak has been a child or school psychologist and is known to work with autistic children in a state program. He does things like take the children to a restaurant to learn how to order food, or go to a zoo, or other field trips.

For more information about Leak click here.


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