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Charlie Cunningham

Sumner Newscow report — The Wichita Police Department has arrested 26-year-old Dalton Patterson of Wichita on a charge of possession of methamphetamine with the intent to sell, stemming from a Friday morning shooting in the death of a Wellington High School graduate.

At approximately 4 a.m., officers responded to a shooting call at a residence in the 4400 block of east Bayley. Upon arrival, officers located shell casings and two handguns.

Shortly later, 40-year-old Charles Cunningham of Wichita, a graduate of WHS in the 1990s, arrived at an area hospital with a gunshot wound to his body.

He was pronounced deceased. The investigation revealed that Cunningham and his 42-year-old brother went to the home on East Bayley in reference to an ongoing dispute.

According to the Wichita Police Department press release, at the residence, Cunningham physically attacked Patterson and Patterson fired a shot that struck Cunningham, killing him. This was not a random incident. The individuals involved knew each other.

Investigators have recovered multiple guns and drugs during their investigation. The investigation is ongoing, and it will be presented to the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office. The case numbers associated with the incident are 19C068298 and 19C068393.

Wellington-Winfield live tweets, live scoring Sumner County updates Fri, 18 Oct 2019 22:56:35 +0000

Wellington City Newsletter: Talking Annual Holiday Gala, Parks, Street Department and more Fri, 18 Oct 2019 22:15:57 +0000

Sumner Newscow report — The monthly City Newsletter was released today. Topics include the: Annual Holiday Gala, Parks, Street Department, Wellington Lake, Utilities, Water Production and upcoming city meetings.

Click here for monthly city newsletter.

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CultureCow: Joker – the Okay-est Movie to be Nominated for an Oscar Fri, 18 Oct 2019 22:06:53 +0000

By Devin McCue, Sumner Newscow — Happy Friday. It wouldn’t be Oscar season if we didn’t kick it off with a weirdly political and unnecessarily antagonistic fight about an underwhelming film.  Last year, it was Green Book, the year before that it was La La Land, but this time around I’m shocked to say it came from a comic book movie.  From the moment I mentioned a controversy and the fact I’m a white man, you probably already figured I was talking about the newest offering from DC Studios; Joker.


Joker has come under attack from some for being irresponsibly dangerous in the era of mass shootings and hailed as the film of the year by others who see it as legitimate art.  No matter where you look, everyone has a hot take on Joker and like our political landscape, there appears to be no room for middle ground.  Instead of being just the latest diatribe on the film, I’d like to analyze it from a few perspectives.

1 – Rallying Cry for the Incels

The biggest critique I’ve seen for this movie is the perceived toxic message it sends to its viewers, namely the incel community.  If you don’t know who incels are, they’re a horrendous bunch of reddit and 8chan users that banded together to talk about how much they hate women and people of different races and the only reason they’re “involuntarily celibate” (get it, in-cel) is because everyone else sucks so much.  Incels are right up there with Neo-Nazis on the list of worst people on the Internet and they’re also the most frequent culprits of domestic terrorism (school and club shootings) in the last decade.  They love toxic material and the new Joker movie seems like it would be the perfect manifesto to their cause…except it’s not.

Before I go any further, I won’t delve into the psychological reasons Joker is unlikely to cause outbreaks of violence, but if you are interested, check out this interview with a real psychologist.  It’s impossible to watch this movie and not see the obvious parallels to the way incels are radicalized today: Joker is a loner who never gets any female attention (except from one of the most beautiful women alive, Zazie Beetz weirdly).

He’s constantly bullied and abused. He has a mental illness that the movie handles terribly, and there’s a literal line in the movie that explains that he “never felt noticed” until he committed three murders on a train.  From there, the movie shows how Joker commits a series of violent crimes as he becomes surer of himself and the cause he’s become the face for.  He even has a supposed romantic stint with the aforementioned beautiful woman down the hall.

That certainly sounds like the anti-hero all incels are looking for.  The only problem is none of it is true, which the main character even comes to realize.  Incels are looking to be glorified, receive attention from their own Zazie Beetz, and get the recognition they think they deserve, but the Joker gets none of that.  He’s a loser the entire movie even after he starts killing people.

His affair with Zazie is actually all in his head, he imagined every success he had in the movie, and the only cool thing he ever does is have a fun dance before he shoots Robert De Niro’s best interpretation of Johnny Carson.  Joker is absolutely the story of a radicalized incel (which I think was the point the director was trying to make), but it’s not going to inspire any attacks and it was done so deliberately, it lacks the nuance to make it very compelling.

2 – Comic Book Canon is for Suckers

This movie also decided it was going to do something not even comic books have ever done (except that one time, which I’ll get to): give the Joker a back-story.  What makes the Joker the best comic book villain of all time is his mystique.  He never has a motivation, he never has an origin story, and no one ever knows his name.

He’s chaotic-evil incarnate.  The only time DC has ever attempted it was in Alan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke in 1988.  It was the story of a failed comedian who turned into the Joker after the stress and tragedy of a single terrible day.  The story is meant to make a point about how anyone can become a monster after “one bad day,” but considering it had no preceding or following editions, it was always meant to be a one-off and isn’t regarded by many as canon.  Joker didn’t need an origin story and he definitely didn’t deserve this movie as his first.

The more interesting thing about this film is the affect it has on the future of comic book movies; it proves you can still make money without being part of larger project.  What the industry gained in the multi-billion dollar era of Marvel ensemble movies, it lost in the freedom of self-contained superhero series like Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy or the original Spiderman flicks.

This Joker won’t have any sequels and it won’t appear in DC’s nightmare of a Justice League franchise.  This means filmmakers can still experiment with the genre and bring some riskier or more niche heroes and stories to the big screen (and considering how much money this has already made, I bet that’s very likely).

3 – Oh Ya, It’s Still Supposed to be a Good Movie Too

Well…it’s certainly not a bad movie.  It’s very well shot, I’m a big fan of the score, and Joaquin Phoenix acted as hard as he could and put on a great show.  Every technical element of this film was well done and yet I still can’t find a way to call it a good movie.

I can ignore the arguably toxic message of movie if it’s done well enough (remember the Godfather), but I kept waiting for the plot to start and it never did.  The entire movie is like the first act of every other origin story.  Instead of going the Iron-Man or Batman route of showing the “heroe’s” struggles and motivations in the first 30-40 minutes then having the larger action start, Joker just kept me waiting for an hour and 45 minutes before I saw a 15 minute short film.

We all miss Heath Ledger and what he did for the character of the Joker, and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was really cool, but we never see him fully actualized.  He never robs a bank or does any Joker-esque shenanigans, instead he adlibs some bad jokes on TV and has a messy breakdown before he shoots the host.  We’re never treated to what the character could’ve become, instead we watch Joaquin Phoenix’s weirdly skinny body twist through each scene before the movie ends abruptly.

Once again, every technical element of this movie is well executed, but that doesn’t cover up for the fact that nothing really happens until the last 15 minutes.  If we had never heard of the character of the Joker and we watched a slow-build to the start of a 3 movie franchise, this film is brilliant, but we all know who the Joker is so quit trying to make us sympathize with a serial-killing incel.

I’ve heard a lot about the “Oscar-buzz” Joker is getting, and while Joaquin deserves a nomination for working with the little they gave him, I hope the Academy doesn’t make this another Green Book.

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Sumner County preview: Big weekend, but none bigger than for Belle Plaine Fri, 18 Oct 2019 16:36:08 +0000 by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Week #7 is on deck, and there are some big games ahead for Sumner County teams. But none bigger than what Belle Plaine is playing.

Belle Plaine (6-0) at Eureka (4-2) — It used to be, like just a few years ago, that a battle against Leon-Bluestem for the right to not be winless was the big game of the season. Just three years ago, like in 2016, Belle Plaine was sporting a 31-game losing streak.

Now Belle Plaine is being featured as the K-Preps Game of the Week (see story here).

Belle Plaine is playing for its first district title since 1996. It’s been since 2011 since it had its first losing season. If the season was to unravel at this very point, the Dragons have accomplished more than anyone could have ever anticipated during the preseason. Just guessing, the Dragons aren’t about to hang on their laurels.

This is their toughest game of the season, by far for the Dragons. Belle Plaine’s defense must contain two very good running backs in Brennan Lowe and Brent Escareno, who have rushed for 507 and 419 rushing yards respectively.

Not only is the district championship on the line, so is playoff positioning. A win gives the Dragons a first round matchup with the fourth seed. At that moment it would be Hutchinson Trinity.

Here are the district standings:

Class 2A District 5
District Overall Points
Eureka 3–0 4–2 63
Belle Plaine 3–0 6–0 47
Cherryvale 1–2 3–3 -5
Fredonia 1–2 3–3 -21
Neodesha 1–2 1–5 -36
Douglass 0–3 1–5 -48

Chaparral (3-3) at Conway Springs (5-2)

These two programs have played some classic games over the past few years.

On paper Conway Springs should win this which would set up a district championship showdown against Garden Plain. The Cards have won four straight since losing to Cheney in week 2. Cheney has suddenly become invincible.

If Conway Springs loses this game, this could drop the Cardinals to the third seed against the loser of Eureka-Belle Plaine in District 5 in the first round.

Class 2A District 6
District Overall Points
Garden Plain 3–0 6–0 63
Conway Springs 3–0 5–1 63
Chaparral 2–1 3–3 20
Hutchinson Trinity 1–2 3–3 -21
Whitewater-Remington 0–3 0–6 -62
W. Independent 0–3 0–6 -63

Argonia-Attica (4-2) at Medicine Lodge (3-3)

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this story it said that A&A lost to Medicine Lodge in 2018. A&A won that game.

A&A is getting that swagger as winner of three straight. But Medicine Lodge is problematic having destroyed Udall and Oxford. Still the Titans could be consider a favorite. Medicine Lodge lost this game last year 38-9.

If the Titans win tonight, that will set up a district championship showdown with South Central which looks like the New England Patriots of the Kansas 8-man D I classification at the moment.

Class 8-man 1 District 2
District Overall Points
South Central 3–0 6–0 63
Argonia- Attica 3–0 4–2 62
Medicine Lodge 2–1 3–3 21
Caldwell 1–2 4–2 -21
Udall 0–3 2–4 -62
Oxford 0–3 2–4 -63

Caldwell (4-2) at Udall (2-4) 

The Bluejays absolutely need to win this game tonight if it wants to play in the post season. These teams have similar scores against other teams. Caldwell could have its work cut out for it tonight.

South Haven (2-4) at Fairfield (1-5)

South Haven is sitting in a real good position to make the playoffs. A win here would give the Cardinals a 3-2 record with the tiebreaker over Pretty Prairie.

Fairfield lost to the same Pretty Prairie team 66-20 in week #4. The opportunity for South Haven presents itself well.

Class 8-man 2 District 8
District Overall Points
South Barber 4–0 5–1 77
H. Central Christian 4–1 5–1 70
Norwich 2–2 3–3 0
South Haven 2–2 2–4 0
Pretty Prairie 2–2 2–4 -3
Fairfield 1–3 1–5 -42
Burrton 0–5 0–6 -102

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Garage Sale ads this weekend… Fri, 18 Oct 2019 14:23:18 +0000 by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The following are the garage sales that we have for the weekend of October 18-19, 2019. If you still need a garage sale advertised just use the comment section below. Good luck with bargain hunting! 

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Friday sports roundup: WMS scores, WHS Cross Country Fri, 18 Oct 2019 14:19:01 +0000 WELLINGTON MIDDLE SCHOOL SCORES



8A – Clearwater over Wellington 25-18, 25-15.

8B – Clearwater over Wellington 25-14, 29-25, 15-13

7A – Wellington over Clearwater 25-19, 21-25, 15-12.

7B – Wellington over Clearwater 25-9, 25-12.


Seventh – Wellington over Clearwater 40-0. Wellington ends season at 7-0.

.Eighth – Clearwater over Wellington 32-22. Wellington ends season at 3-4.



The Wellington Cross Country participated in the Ark Valley Chisholm Trail League meet at Wartick Farm at El Dorado. Wellington boys finished sixth. Clearwater won the event with 34 points. Collegiate had 59, Andale 60, Mulvane 97, Rose Hill 106, Wellington 159. 

The Wellington girls had no team score.

Wellington High School Cross Country 2019
Meet: AVCTL – El Dorado Date: 10/17/19
Where: Wartick Farm
Girl’s Varsity – 5K TIME Place
12th Karolina Gadzik 24.37 18th
9th AnnaLisa Cullens 25.18 25th
10th Kaitlyn Hain 27.48 33rd
This concludes the Girl’s Season
Boy’s Var – 5K TIME Place Pers.Rec
10th Camden Parkey 19.31 22nd
10th Braeden Ybarra 20.32 31st
11th Chilson Ybarra 20.48 34th
12th Tyler Brown 20.56 35th
12th Daniel Atkinson 21.12 37th
12th Caleb Starnes 22.54 40th Pers. Rec.
Boy’s Varsity Team Placed 6th in League
WHS Boy’s next meet will be Regionals at El Dorado Lake
Saturday – 10-26-19 at 10:40 a.m East side by water tower
Wellington Police Notes: Thursday, October 17, 2019 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 13:23:19 +0000 Wellington Police notes: Thursday, October 17, 2019

•6:18 a.m. Officers responded to a disturbance in the 200 block N. A, Wellington.

•7 a.m. Tiffany A. Murray, 32, Wellington was arrested on a Crawford County Warrant for probation violation. 

•8:05 p.m. Nicholas W. Becker, 24, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for disobeyed stop sign.

•9:19 p.m. Officers conducted a welfare check in the 100 block E. 15th, Wellington.

•10:15 p.m. Tishie E. Lerette, 57, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for expired registration.

Crusader preview: Wellington to battle Winfield with playoff implications on the line Fri, 18 Oct 2019 00:24:35 +0000 by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — What a difference a win makes.

After five weeks of trying circumstances, Wellington suddenly has renewed hope and vigor after a 21-0 victory at Labette County.

“Oh, geez,” sighed Wellington head football coach Zane Aguilar, in a gasp of relief after someone asked him how it felt to get his first win at Crusader Club the other day.

Trouble is, Wellington may be playing one of its best opponents this year when Winfield comes to town.

Linn Hibbs is back. His Winfield team is 5-1 and has some swagger. The Vikings are on a four-game winning streak, having won by 17 points or more in each contest.

The Viking defense looks a lot like the Wellington defenses of the early 2000s. In other words, opponents have a hard time scoring. In four games, the Vikings have given up just two touchdowns. If defense wins championships, the Vikings are doing quite well.

Winfield opened the season by beating arch rival Arkansas City 20-18. It then lost to McPherson 47-0 in its only loss of the season. But nobody is beating McPherson.

Since then the Vikings have cruised to wins over Circle, Labette County, Augusta and El Dorado. If you are comparing scores, the one game that sticks out is Winfield’s 25-7 win over Augusta, a team that beat Wellington.

But Aguilar is confident that Wellington can bring it against Winfield. Last week it found its defense and its running game especially with junior back Trace Rusk who ran for 123 yards.

“Linn was my coach, and we are great friends,” Aguilar said. “But when that whistle blows, we are going to strap it on and get after it. I want to beat him. And I know he wants to beat me.”

Wellington-Winfield game at a glance:

Winfield (5-1) at Wellington (1-5), senior night, Friday at 7 p.m

Follow the game: Internet: Sumner Newscow, Twitter: Follow us at Cueballnewscow. Radio: ICT Radio. Click here: and recaps: and Sumner Newscow.

Game night weather: 60 degrees with 10-20 percent chance of rain.

Series history: Wellington leads this series by a lot. But since 2010, Winfield is 4-3. This is the final game in the series for this decade and the two teams are not scheduled for the next two years. So this is a chance for Wellington to close out the decade going .500.

Wellington leads series 38-16-5

1920 — Wellington 30 Winfield 7

1921 — Wellington 0 Winfield 46

1922 — Wellington 0 Winfield 31

1923 — Wellington 0 Winfield 70

1924 — Wellington 20 Winfield 7

1928 — Wellington 64 Winfield 0

1929 — Wellington 12 Winfield 0

1930 — Wellington 3 Winfield 0

1931 — Wellington 0 Winfield 7

1932 — Wellington 6 Winfield 6

1941 — Wellington 18 Winfield 6

1942 — Wellington 0 Winfield 7

1943 — Wellington 58 Winfield 12

1944 — Wellington 34 Winfield 6

1945 — Wellington 34 Winfield 7

1946 — Wellington 44 Winfield 2

1947 — Wellington 7 Winfield 6

1948 — Wellington 7 Winfield 0

1949 — Wellington 7 Winfield 7

1950 — Wellington 65 Winfield 0

1951 — Wellington 31 Winfield 6

1952 — Wellington 39 Winfield 13

1953 — Wellington 26 Winfield 14

1954 — Wellington 32 Winfield 0

1955 — Wellington 34 Winfield 13

1956 — Wellington 37 Winfield 0

1957 — Wellington 13 Winfield 12

1958 — Wellington 13 Winfield 6

1959 — Wellington 13 Winfield 6

1960 — Wellington 25 Winfield 13.

1961 — Wellington 7 Winfield 7

1962 — Wellington 0 Winfield 0

1963 — Wellington 27 Winfield 0

1964 — Wellington 6 Winfield 7

1965 — Wellington 7 Winfield 0

1966 — Wellington 13 Winfield 14

1967 — Wellington 20 Winfield 14

1968 — Wellington 27 Winfield 0

1969 — Wellington 16 Winfield 9

1970 — Wellington 36 Winfield 15

1971 — Wellington 14 Winfield 0

1972 — Wellington 19 Winfield 7

1973 — Wellington 6 Winfield 15

1974 — Wellington 14 Winfield 8

1975 — Wellington 7 Winfield 14

1976 — Wellington 0 Winfield 27

1977 — Wellington 37 Winfield 7

1979 — Wellington 10 Winfield 3

1980 — Wellington 0 Winfield 29

2010 — Wellington 35 Winfield 19

2011 — Wellington 28 Winfield 47

2012 — Wellington 7 Winfield 21

2013 — Wellington 18 Winfield 41

2016 — Wellington 20 Winfield 21 (OT)

2017 — Wellington 14 Winfield 7

2018 — Wellington 22 Winfield 7.

Game’s significance: It is getting crunch time. Wellington needs to win to position itself in the most advantageous way possible.

Injury situation: Looks pretty good as of Monday.


Competing schedules:

WHS FOOTBALL (all games at Friday, 7 p.m.)

Sept. 6

Collegiate 28 Wellington 7

Sept. 13

Andale 35 Wellington 7

Sept. 20

Clearwater 31 Wellington 7

Sept. 27

Augusta 21 Wellington 14.

Oct. 4

Rose Hill 35 Wellington 0

Oct. 11

Wellington 21 Winfield 0.

Oct. 19



Senior Night

Oct. 26



Nov. 2

Bi-District playoffs, TBA


Winfield 20 Arkansas City 18

McPherson 47 Winfield 0

Winfield 59 Circle 0

Winfield 28 Labette County 7

Winfield 25 Augusta 7

Winfield 17 El Dorado 0.

Playoffs: The Class 4A-West standings can be found here. Click on 4A. 

Basically, with a win Wellington could jump significantly up in the standings, as much as eight positions as crazy as that sounds. McPherson is No. 1 with a 6-0 record, Buhler, Andover Central, and Winfield are at 5-1. Ulysses is sitting in the fifth seed at 3-3. Then there six teams at 2-4 and four teams at 1-5.

Crusaders are sitting at No. 14 which would give it a date with Andover Central there. But if they win one or two games, they could very well host the first round game. 


Click to enlarge

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Send-off rally for MaKayla Brownlee, singing competition contestant Thu, 17 Oct 2019 21:51:47 +0000

Makayla Brownlee

by Amber Countryman, Sumner Newscow — Seventeen-year-old MaKayla Brownlee, daughter of Mark and Michelle Brownlee, has always dreamed of becoming a well-known musician. After passing the audition for open calls in Wichita, she went on to Chicago for more auditions for a nationally-known singing competition.

“I was really shocked, happy and proud,” Brownlee said about advancing past the first two auditions.

Now, Brownlee has advanced past auditions in Chicago, and will travel to Oregon, where she will perform in front of celebrity judges. If she advances past this audition, she will go on to perform in Hollywood, Calif.

“I don’t care what happens, not many people get to say that they got to perform in front of celebrity judges,” Brownlee said.

A send-off rally will be held to celebrate MaKayla’s singing competition advancement on Saturday, Oct. 19 at Meadow Lanes bowling alley in Wellington.

A corn hole tournament, hosted by Sons of Pitches, will begin at 3 p.m., with registration at 2 p.m. There will be a $20 entry fee per team. The first place team will win 30 percent of the money pot, and the second place team will be awarded 20 percent of the pot. The remaining 50 percent of funds will be used toward Brownlee’s travel expenses to Oregon. Those who own their sets of corn hole boards may bring them. Equipment will be provided. Teams wishing to participate can pre-register by contacting Dutch Brownlee.

A raffle drawing will be held with many nice prizes donated by Wellington businesses. Tickets can be purchased for the raffle at the bowling alley during the event.

Jade Hopkin

Mark Brownlee Jr.

Live entertainment will be provided by MaKayla Brownlee, Mark Brownlee Sr., Mark Brownlee Jr. and Jade Hopkins. The musicians perform country and country rock music.

Three Critters BBQ food truck will open at 3 p.m. in the bowling alley parking lot. Open bowling will be held from 3-9 p.m.

Come out and help celebrate MaKayla Brownlee’s musical accomplishments with a send-off rally!

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