Jason Zoglmann, 1993 WHS graduate, is raising funds for Air Force specialist association with half-marathon

by Tracy McCue, Sumner  Newscow — Jason Zoglmann, a 1993 Wellington High School graduate and in the U.S. Air Force in 1997, has accepted a challenge and Sumner Newscow readers can help.

Zoglmann was recently selected to serve in the Air Force’s elite Tactical Air Control Party. He is a specialists imbedded with Army and Marine units on the frontline. They are saddled with the incredible responsibility of directing air strikes in close proximity to friendly forces. These highly trained experts go through intense physical, mental and technical training in order to withstand the demanding conditions of battle and provide their team with the firepower they require.

Jason Zoglmann

Recently, he has been accepted the challenge of competing a half-marathon at the Air Force Marathon at Wright-Matterson Air Force Base to raise money for the TACP Association. He will be running the half-marathon — approximately 12 miles — on Sept. 16, 2017 in Dayton, Ohio, home of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

“I have currently raised $865 as of this morning,” Zoglmann said. “My goal is to raise $1,000.”

The TACP Association is a 501c(19) non-profit veteran’s organization whose mission is to, Remember the Fallen, Honor the Living, and Aid Brothers in Need.” The Association provides support to members of the TACP Community and their families when they are in their darkest hours.  

“We have provided support to several TACPs, who were wounded in action and have assisted the unfortunate families of TACPs killed in action,” Zoglmann said. “Our goal is to relieve the financial pressures, so that healing and mourning may occur.”

The following is a small example of how the TACP Association has recently assisted veterans and their families:

  • Assisted in raising over $79,000 for the family of the Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who was tragically killed in a murder-suicide at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in 2016.
  • Purchased cars for “Gold Star” children on their 16th birthday.
  • Construction and maintenance of a playground for children visiting residents of the Air Force Enlisted Village (a home for the surviving spouses of retired enlisted airmen).
  • Over $15,000 in donations to widows of PTSD-related suicide victims.
  • $2,500 donation to the family of a veteran who was recently killed in a training accident at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.
  • Donations to pediatric cancer research.
  • Donations to help veterans purchase service dogs.
  • Assistance for wheelchair ramps and walking rails for veterans.
  • Assistance for friends and family member’s travel to visit sick or wounded airmen.
  • Assistance for travel costs to friends and family members attending the funerals of veterans.
  • Sponsored veteran scholarships and outstanding performer awards.

Jason Zoglmann in Air Force.

Below is a list of things the TACP Association has done to support veterans and service members just in the week:

– $1,000 sponsorship to a golf tournament memorializing an Airmen killed in action in Afghanistan.

– $1,500 towards the purchase of a service dog for an airmen with an autistic child.

– $1,000 to help fly an airman from Korea to a family member’s funeral stateside.

– $586 for plane tickets to fly another airman home for his brother’s funeral.

– $500 sponsorship to Warrior Hunts, a hunting camp for wounded heroes.

– $2,000 to help support an airman caring for mother with stage 4 cancer.

Readers can donate by visiting the following link: School Instructor 2001.

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