Letter: Sumner County Sheriff employees endorse Darren Chambers

Sumner Newscow report — The following is a letter to the editor from employees of the Sumner County Sheriff’s office:


As employees of the Sumner County Sheriffs Office, we feel strongly about having an opportunity to give residents of Sumner County some insight. In fact, we feel that it is our duty to let you know how we feel and what we have experienced since Darren Chambers took office in 2011. He has made significant improvements over time; pay increases, adequate staffing, budget improvements, increased training, and restored security within the Detention Facility.

In addition to these improvements, Darren is attentive to all aspects that make the office run smoothly. He has an exemplary relationship with multi jurisdictions, including all municipal police departments within the County, as well as each Sheriff within the state of Kansas. By building strong relationships, there is an ease and willingness to help each other with additional resources. In the last nine years, there has been a respectful mutual aid between multiple outside agencies. The rebirth of these solid relationships has been fundamental in benefiting the best interest of Sumner County.

Darren is an honest and ethical leader with 37 years of active, certified full-time law enforcement experience, 21 with the Wichita Police Department. He graduated from two academies, the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and Wichita Police Department Academy. He is a man of utmost integrity and he does not take that lightly. His respectable moral character goes beyond the four walls of the Sheriff’s Office but is ingrained throughout all aspects of his life.

He has the expertise to create and maintain a budget with checks and balances to keep Sumner County safe and protected. Sheriff Chambers and staff, oversee the Detention Facility, with a capacity of 185 beds, upholding inmate’s rights and keeping an orderly daily flow. Safety and risk management are a vital part of his role as Sheriff and it remains paramount, as he continues to make that a priority.

He continues to maintain a fair and uniform workplace and he also creates an environment where all employees can be successful and have an opportunity for advancement. He is not opposed to second chances and keeps an open mind. He is sensitive when it comes to diversity. His allegiance to the Sheriff’s Office and residents of Sumner County is a strong testament to his dedication.

If you have taken the time to read this, please know that this comes from our hearts. Working for Sheriff Chambers is more than just being employed, but is a career that we can take pride in. We felt that we should express our feelings about the competence of Darren Chambers to continue to serve as your Sumner County Sheriff.

We encourage you to support and vote for Darren Chambers as Sumner County Sheriff.

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