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Jason Boyd

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A Letter From The Wife:

As this election season comes to an end, I would like to give you a glimpse into the Boyd For Sheriff campaign. 

This has been a unique campaign, to say the least. No fairs, festivals, parades, events, or debates due to Covid-19, but that has not stopped Jason from getting to the people. Jason has continued to share his passion with the citizens of Sumner County, all while respecting Covid-19 restrictions. I have seen this firsthand as I have watched Jason spend several hundred hours answering questions and visiting those he will serve either through the separation of a screen door, standing six feet apart, wearing masks or by phone.

I know this same behavior of commitment will pour over into the Sheriff’s Office.  Jason will be available, accountable, and at your service, Sumner County. You will KNOW your Sheriff. He will be your leader, your neighbor, your confidant, and he will be a Sheriff you can be proud of. Jason’s heart matches his passion and that’s a big deal!   You can see the plans Jason has for our community on the website:

I appreciate all the support we have received from our community and look forward to the opportunity to represent the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office. Faith over fear. 


Kori Boyd 

(Paid for Boyd for Sheriff, Kori Boyd)

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