Sumner County Health Officer has identified alarming trends, especially within 67013 zip code (Belle Plaine)

(UPDATED: Friday, 9:30 p.m.)  The following is an addition to the advisory below from Sumner County Health Officer Rettig:

The Sumner Health Department experienced a much higher than usual call volume from residents in the 67013-zip code area (Belle Plaine) who were requesting testing and reporting symptoms in the last two days.

Along with that is the fact of the lab results from any testing done on those residents in the last two days, whether from our testing or any other provider’s testing, probably will not be received for another 24-48 hours. Without lab confirmations, we cannot make announcements of new cases of COVID-19 because it may not be that.

The Health Department encourages all to be vigilant in following the recommended guidelines noted in the advisory.

Sumner Newscow report — The following is the original advisory posting from earlier today Rettig:

“At this time there are no COVID-19 cases linked to any identified cluster or outbreak. However, for the last 48 hours, the Health Department has observed alarming trends that are prompting this advisory post.

The Health Department strongly encourages residents within the 67013 zip code (in Belle Plaine) to increase precautions and reduce exposure to those outside of your immediate household.

We want to stress to everyone the importance of adhering to the following guidelines:

• Social distancing of six feet or more when in public;

• Use of a mask if unable to social distance;

• Handwashing;

• Frequent hand sanitizer use;

• Stay home when sick;

• Limit nonessential travel.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the Sumner County Health Department at 620-326-2774.”

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