Sumner County Sheriff bookings: May 6 – May 13, 2013

The following is the Sumner County Sheriff jail bookings for May 6 – May 13, 2013…

Monday 0800  to  Monday 0800 WEEKLY   BOOKINGS   5/6/2013 thru 5/13/2013
Name Age Home Town Location of Arrest Agency Charges Date of Arr
Maxton, Kathryn 57 Wichita, KS 400 E 16th Wellington, KS SUSO Felony Theft 5/6/13
Hughes, Rayshon 26 Seattle, WA 200 N C Ste 100, Wellington Wellington PD Robbery 5/6/13
Hughes, Keiferro 24 Wichita, KS Wellington PD 200 N C Wellington PD Robbery 5/6/13
Stewart, Melissa 28 Wellington, Ks 815 N. Poplar, Wellington Ks. Wellington PD Violation of a Protective Order 5/7/13
Ivan Winn 30 Wellington, Ks 1402 Michigan Apt D Wellington Wellington PD Failure to Appear 5/7/13
Greg Norris 37 Wellington, Ks Kay County Detention Center SUSO Warrant Arrest Theft of Property 5/8/13
Nicholas Telles 35 Winfield, Ks U.S. 160, mp 295 KHP D.W.S. and Failure to Wear Seatbelt, and City of Iola Warrant 5/8/13
Morris, Norman 34 Eureka, KS 200 S US 81 SUSO Monroe County Missouri Warrant 5/8/13
Shepard, Eric 52 Wellington, Ks 1226 E 90th Ave N SUSO DV Battery, DV Criminal Damage to property 5/8/13
Travis L Singleton 40 Oxford, KS 412 S Sumner Apt B Oxford, Ks SUSO Failure to Appear 5/8/13
Cyrus Cunningham 21 Wellington, Ks Wellington, KS Wellington PD Driving Under the Influence 5/8/13
Shiloh J Chase 21 Oxford, KS 320 N Water, Oxford, KS Oxford PD DV Battery X2 5/8/13
Jeffery Redford 34 Wellington, Ks 405 S Olive Wellington, Ks WPD sale of Heroin x4, Conspiracy to sell Heroin, use communication facility to facilitate drug sale 5/9/13
Maggie Redford 33 Wellington, Ks WPD WPD sale of Heroin, Conspiracy to sell Heroin and PV 5/9/13
Casey Williams 32 Wellington, Ks Sumner County Court House SUSO serving sentence 5/9/13
Jason Kirkby 30 Wichita, KS Eldorado Correctional SUSO Burglary of a dwelling, Theft, Burglary of Motor vehicle, Conspiracy to commit burglary of a dwelling, theft of prop 5/9/13
William Sirmons 49 Wellington, Ks 1909 N A Wellington, Ks SUSO Sale of Heroin,sale of Heroin within 1000ft of school, Conspiracy to sell Heroin within 1000ft of school, use communication facility to facilitate drug sale 5/9/13
Billy Russell 59 Wellington, Ks WPD WPD Sale of Morphine within 1000ft of school,sale of Heroin within 1000ft of school, Conspiracy to sell Heroin within 1000ft of school, use communication facility to facilitate drug sale 5/9/13
Christopher Clark 39 Wichita, KS 6300 N Rock Road Derby, KS Derby PD Failure to wear seat belt and DWS 5/9/13
Raymond Clark 52 Wichita, KS 1400 N81 Mulvane SUSO DUI, DWS and PV 5/9/13
Guerra, Weigand 20 Caldwell, Ks 900 E 16th Wellington WPD Driving under the influence, Minor in possession, Consumption by a minor, Transporting an open container. 5/10/13
Bell, Tom Jr. 53 Wichita, KS 1133 N. Green, Wichita, Ks SUSO Failure to Appear 5/10/13
Arterburn, Harry 57 Caldwell, Ks 783 W.175th S., Caldwell, Ks SUSO serving sentence 5/10/13
Rebecca Clark 28 Caldwell, Ks 500 N. Washington, Wellington Ks SUSO Probation Violation 5/10/13
Larry Hollis 54 Wichita, KS 777 Kansas Star Dr Mulvane MPD DUI, refuse breath, refuse test to determine alcohol 5/10/13
Landon Blackburn 26 Derby, Ks Sumner County Detention SUSO serving sentence 5/10/13
James Master 48 Peck, KS 1400 N US 81 Peck KS SUSO DWS, no insurance, registration 5/10/13
Davis, Cody 22 Wellington, Ks 610 E Hillside Wellington WPD Serving sentence 5/11/13
Hochevar, Caly 28 Wellington, Ks 3rd and Ash Wellington WPD Driving while Suspended 5/11/13
Callaway, Joseph 36 Caldwell, Ks Harvey and C St Wellington WPD DUI 5/11/13
Serrano, Aldo 27 Wichita, KS 1100 N K15 Mulvane SUSO Driving While Suspended, Liability insurance 5/11/13
Lacey, Tyler 21 Argonia, Ks 700 N Conway Springs Rd Conway SUSO DUI 5/11/13
Tidwell, Tara 27 Wichita, KS 5500 S Hydraulic Wichita MPD Warrant Arrest Failure to Appear 5/12/13
Batchelor, Issac 18 Oxford, KS 200 W Main Oxford SUSO DUI and Minor in Consumption 5/12/13
Sumner 19
Sedgwick 27
Wellington 12
Mulvane 2
Oxford 1
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