Sunday Blog: Talking Chicken Little, peaceful protest, Ivanka Trump and Elmer Fudd

Commentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Five years ago I wrote a column “Hey, Wellington. Perhaps we should send Chicken Little packing” (see column here).

I pulled that column up July 19, 2015, and had a good chuckle. In five years, not a dang thing has changed. People were all up in arms about the high utility rates, then-mayor Shelley Hansel and future mayor Jim Valentine were overreacting about something, and people were worried about the hospital possibly closing right then and there. Nothing ever changes.

My best line:

“I couldn’t get out of bed in fear someone might have a nervous breakdown because I was using the wrong toothpaste.”

The thing is, Chicken Little did not pack and instead has a thriving business going. Here are three subjects in particular where Chicken Little is the mob kingpin.

The peaceful protest

This one goes into the Chicken Little Hall of Fame. WHS graduate Erma Barnes Ratliff decided to hold a peaceful protest in Wellington over racial injustice. Rural protests have been trending across the nation.

Oh my goodness, when she made the announcement on a Wednesday afternoon, I had to shut off the comment section for the story that very night because people were losing their minds. Here was a comment from one disgruntled reader.

Does WPD have flash bangs just in case? Riot gear? Rubber bullets just in case? Wichita isn’t far for the thugs to travel here and take over.”

Someone on one of those Facebook community gripe pages took it a step further. He was personally going to bring his guns to the rally to protect the downtown businesses from the looters and rioters.

My initial reaction was instead of protecting the downtown businesses, how about shopping at downtown businesses first?

I’ll let others weigh in on the subject of racial injustice. But I’ll gladly address the logistics of turning Wellington into a war zone.

First of all, people, get over yourself. Wellington is important to the Sumner Newscow nation. It really isn’t that important to most people living in Wichita or Antifa looters from New York City. I’m guessing maybe 40 percent of the Wichita population cannot even pinpoint Wellington on a map.

Now Erma decided to hold this demonstration at noon on Saturday. It was hotter than hell at that moment. Looting at that time of the day isn’t that appealing. Even so, let’s say I work for Antifa and am trying to roundup a busload of rioters and looters to travel to Wellington to burn the downtown down. Such a trip takes some preplanning.

Do you find an old rickety un-air-conditioned school bus to get people to come down? Good luck with that, not in that heat.

So to entice my fellow looters, I would probably need to rent a Greyhound bus. I know when Wellington has to play one of those remote western Kansas schools in the high school football playoffs, fan busses get kind of expensive.

Do you need to serve drinks before you go to lube up the crowd? How much is that going to cost the passengers?

“OK, we are going to Wellington to burn down the town, people. That will cost each of you $60 for the bus and drinks. And, oh, for more incentive, we will be showing ‘Avengers – The End Game’ on the bus trip.”

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just loot and burn down Wichita which is right there in the backyard? And looters/rioters could do it at night when its cooler and not deal with as many rednecks.

Also, if you were going out of town, Hutchinson was hosting a peaceful demonstration at the same time. I’d prefer to go there to loot because there is probably more cool stuff to get.

Ivanka Trump

No Ivanka Trump

Here is an example of no matter how much education you may have, you can still be an idiot.

This is one of those controversies where I hate both sides.

Wichita State University’s Tech Center had asked to have Ivanka Trump to be its commencement speaker. I’m not sure why they came up with Ivanka to speak at its commencement, but if I were in charge I would have nixed the idea from the onset. Why go through all the unnecessary bull crap? Why not just ask a local Bob The Builder or someone who can weld nearby to make the speech?

Of course, that got a bunch of students and professors panties in a wad about her coming. From my understanding, she was never coming to Wichita anyway. This was going to be all done online. I have never understood this mentality that if you don’t agree with someone, they aren’t allowed to speak. This is friggin America and we have his little thing called the First Amendment. If Ivanka offends you so much, don’t go or listen to her online.

So then Wichita State President Jay Golden decides to pull the commencement speech because it is too controversial. That right there is an example of a pinhead – pandering to his customers for convenient purposes. If Golden gets fired from WSU, he has a great career in politics.

Of course, the right-wing can’t leave it alone. Now, several donors are threatening to pull their donations from WSU if Golden isn’t fired because of the Ivanka snub. Well, whatever. Your donation doesn’t make you a decision-maker snowflake.

Finally, the Kansas Board of Regents was called in to determine Golden’s fate. And they did what Board of Regent members do: write a well-meaning, thoughtful letter demonstrating they care. I’ll give you the synopsis:

“Yes, we love Golden, but we will screw him over when he isn’t looking sometime in the near future. We want to make sure to kiss the **s of our big Trump-loving donors, while at the same time demonstrating we care to all our leftist students, who we are screwing over with exorbitant tuition fees.”

In this scenario, everyone just needs to move on. You are all overgrown 8-year-olds.

No gun Elmer Fudd

I have found the latest overblown social media controversy concerning the stripping of Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam’s gun much more comical than any Warner Brothers cartoon made in the past 50 years.

I was surprised.. not because of the ‘no gun’ policy, but that they were still making new Warner Brothers cartoons.

When is the last time you actually watched a Looney Tunes cartoon?

Listen, I’m a hard-core Bugs Bunny fan. The ones they made in the 1950s are the funniest cartoons I’ve ever watched. Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote are at the top of the list.

But the franchise was already getting old when I was a kid in the 70s. The newer cartoons then truly stunk and because they didn’t meet the muster and bluster of the original ones.

I asked my son Quinn this week if he knew who Elmer Fudd was and he said no. I’m thinking anyone under the age of 50 probably has no personal connection with the Warner Brothers franchise.

Which makes this latest controversy so hilarious. We are supposed to care about Elmer Fudd after all this time?

And if you think about it, Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam were buffoons. Fudd could never shoot Bugs and was regularly embarrassed by the Wascally Wabbit. Wouldn’t you as a gun lover, be glad that Elmer, is no longer associated with gun owners?

People are making this into a politically correct liberal snowflake issue. But it was a corporate decision. I don’t think you can blame the liberals for this one.

Do you know what I really think? This was a publicity stunt. They have just launched a new streaming service HBO Max and I noticed Warner Brothers cartoons were being prominently featured. What better way to create attention for yourself than creating a silly controversy that costs you nothing?

They were counting on your social media outrage to fuel free publicity for a cartoon that most people didn’t know still existed. And, boy they got it. You played right into their hands.


Anyway, I’ll give Chicken Little credit. He’s a persistent guy. He must be exhausted.

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