Tornado shelters are located at Sumner Regional Medical Center and Wellington Health and Rehabilitation

Sumner Newscow report — The following is reprinted from the Wellington Fire/EMS newsletter concerning tornadoes.

The public should have a predesigned place in their home or business to take shelter. Many times there is little to no warning and driving to a public shelter would be dangerous. Public shelters are located at Sumner Regional Medical Center and the Wellington Health and Rehabilitation, located at 1600 W. 8th.

If you know of other public shelters throughout Sumner County, add to the comment section below.


The City of Wellington maintains outdoor warning sirens located throughout the city, the airport and at the Wellington Lake. The sirens can be activated by Sumner Count 911 or by the fire and the police departments.

Sirens are only activated in the event the National Weather Service includes the city of Welington or lake in the tornado warning, or if a qualified spotter such as law enforcement or fire personnel observes a tornado or funnel.

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