Wellington High School Class Night awards flow like the rain outside

by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The 2017 Wellington High School Class Night was held Thursday, amid stormy weather. The following were awards presented by the WHS administration. Sumner Newscow doesn’t have all the names of many non administrative scholarships presented. If you could give us the name of the scholarship awards below of people we don’t have through our email [email protected] or in the comment section below, it would be greatly appreciated.

•Steve Sturgis, (pictured above) Webmaster for, presented 57 computers to graduating seniors as part of the John Sturgis Family Student Council Scholarship and computer give away. Those who donated can be found here. 

•Wellington Young Professionals Book Scholarship for 2017: Joanna Tredway.

•Moody’s Mega Math or M3 Challenge: John Mayo, Jacob Michaelis, Baylee Paccheli and Matthew Sinnett.

•Cramer Hass, 1983 State Tennis Championship, presented a $500 scholarship in memory of his parents to a Crusader Tennis player who shows great character on and off the court: Brock Edwards.

•Sibyl K. Wells Scholarship: Victoria Winger.

•KWCH 12 Top of Class: Kelsie Haydon.

•Wendy’s High School Heisman award: Connor Burnett and Lauryn Snipes.

•Topeka-Capital Journal All-State academic team: Carson LeGrand.

•30th Annual Governor’s Scholars Award: Stephanie Bristow and Will Long.

•Kansas State High School Activities Association Citizenship Award: Madison Lewellen and Matthew Sinnett.

•Dale M. Dennis Excellence in Education award: Cassidy Harriger.


•Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce: Leanne Neal.

•Student Council Scholarship Award: (Name needed).

•KanOkla Scholarship: (Name needed).

•Leon Segebartts Crusader Scholarship: Connor Burnett.

•PEO Scholarship: (Name needed).

•Kansas Star Scholarship: 81 WHS graduates received the $1,000 award, $4,000 for the four who are top 10 and $1,500 for the six Valedictorians.

•Shelter Insurance Foundation Scholarship: Will Long.

•National Choral Award: (Name needed).

•WHS Band Award: (Name needed).

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