Wellington swim team vs. Haysville: Take two

by Bliss Baird, Special to Sumner Newscow — After the first Wellington-Haysville meet succumbed to a freak storm, almost every detail of the meet changed: from Wellington to Haysville, from a Tuesday to a Thursday, from outdoors to indoors, from a short course meter (SCM) pool to a short course yard (SCY) pool.

Common in year-round leagues, SCY pools are a bit shorter than SCM pools like Wellington’s, meaning that times from this Thursday are not comparable to those from the Winfield meet two days before. However, the different course provided a chance to break the minute on the 100 free, a swimming rite-of-passage achieved at this meet by Aidan Young and Jensen Lynnes with times of 59.71 and 59.90, respectively.

Since neither GPSL meets nor summer qualification meets are hosted on SCY pools, conversion software manufactured seed times for this meet, and the time cuts obtained on Thursday will not transfer to future GPSL meets.

However, time cuts are still as much an indicator of progress as ever, and some swimmers have clearly been quite productive! Olivia Wilson claimed the largest improvement by slicing two minutes off her projected seed time on the 50 free. Following her were Aubrey Hunt (50 second cut on the 100 back), Georgia Shinliver (40 second cut on the 200 IM), Ava Hawks (27 second cut on 200 IM), Raynee Miller and Kenneth Dockery (both with 22 second cuts on the 100 free), Abby Ybarra (20 second cut on 50 back), Atlas Ledesma (14 seconds on the 50 back), Maizy Cornejo and Jewels Farley (each with 10 second cuts on the 100 breast), and Ashlyn Sowersby (10 second cut on the 200 IM). Marcus Provost also demonstrated widespread improvement with personal records in all three individual races.

The 50-second cut from her 100 back seed time secured for Aubrey Hunt a Districts qualifying time of 1:13.79, seven seconds faster than the time standard. Ralphie Cornejo cut eight seconds from his estimated seed time to achieve the Districts cut in the 100 free. For the first time this season, swimmers of later events had the opportunity to race, and two, Alara Wilson and Maizy Cornejo, capitalized by qualifying for districts in the 50 and 100 breaststroke, respectively.

In addition to the new qualifications, many districts-qualified swimmers repeated their performances again on Thursday: Alara Wilson, Ralphie Cornejo, Jensen Lynnes, Maizy Cornejo, Aidan Young, Derick Kotchavar, Colin Green, and Quinn McCue on the 50 free; Aidan Young on the 100 back; Alara Wilson and Ralphie Cornejo on the 50 fly; Jensen Lynnes and Quinn McCue on the 100 fly; Jensen Lynnes, Aidan Young, and Derick Kotchavar in the 100 free.

The top finishers at the Haysville meet include:
* Maizy Cornejo (Third in 13-14 Girls 100 Breast)
* Ralphie Cornejo (Second in 11-12 Boys 50 Free; Second in 50 Fly; Second in 100 Free)
* Sophie Cornejo (Second in 9-10 Girls 100 Free; Third in 50 Back)
* Ben Farley (First in 5-8 Boys 50 Back; First in 100 Free; Second in 50 Free)
* Mia Hawks (Third in 11-12 Girls 50 Back; Third in 50 Breast)
* Derex Hay (First in 9-10 Boys 50 Breast; Second in 100 Free)
* Aubrey Hunt (Second in 13-14 Girls 100 Back)
* Derick Kotchavar (Second in 15-18 50 Free; Second in 100 Breast)
* Jensen Lynnes (First in 13-14 Girls 50 Free; First in 100 Fly; Second in 100 Free)
* Eliesse McComb (Second in 11-12 Girls 200 IM; Third in 50 Free)
* Noah McComb (First in 5-8 Boys 50 Free; First in 50 Breast)
* Quinn McCue (Second in 15-18 Boys 100 Fly; Third in 500 Free)
* Raynee Miller (First in 5-8 Girls 50 Free; First in 100 Free; First in 50 Breast)
* Caroline Mott (Second in 9-10 Girls 50 Back; Third in 100 Free)
* Marcus Provost (Third in 11-12 Boys 50 Breast)
* Georgia Shinliver (Third in 9-10 Girls 200 IM)
* Alexis Tracy (Second in 15-18 Girls 100 Breast)
* Timothy Tracy (Third in 15-18 Boys 100 Breast)
* Arallai Wartick (Second in 11-12 Girls 50 Back; Third in 100 Free)
* Kody Wartick (Third in 9-10 Boys 50 Back)
* Cole Wiens (Second in 13-14 Boys 100 Breast)
* Gus Wiens (Third in 15-18 Boys 100 Back)
* Alara Wilson (First in 9-10 Girls 50 Free; First in 50 Fly; First in 50 Breast)
* Megan Wylie (Third in 15-18 Girls 100 Breast)
* Abby Ybarra (Second in 9-10 Girls 50 Breast; Third in 50 Fly)
* Aidan Young (First in 15-18 Boys 50 Free; First in 100 Back; Second in 100 Free)

The first-place relay was:
* Caroline Mott, Abby Ybarra, Sophie Cornejo, and Alara Wilson (9-10 Girls 200 Free Relay)

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