Daily Archives: May 10, 2020

Sunday blog: Wellington Council had an easy chance to increase the city revenue base, it turned it down

Commentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — There were a couple of interesting items at Tuesday’s Wellington City Council meeting.

Obviously, Via Christi’s interest in opening an emergency room at Sumner Regional Medical Center was great news. Getting an e.r. for the city is vital for long-term sustainability for the community.

That decision overshadowed the council’s decision to grant Sumner-Cowley Electric Co-op the franchise agreement to provide electrical services for the new Burlington Northern Santa Fe yard office to be built on U.S. 160, east of Meridian Street (see story here).

First of all congratulations to SCEC for aggressively going out and procuring the contract. SCEC CEO Coni Adams did an excellent job in her presentation on why the rural cooperative should be rewarded the franchise agreement. She is right that it is in the area the company has so adequately served throughout the years.

My concern, though, isn’t that SCEC was granted the contract, it is the slippery slope the Wellington City Council demonstrated in voting 4-2 to grant the franchise agreement to SCEC against the recommendation of the city staff and thus costing the city future revenue.

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