Ashley Pearson charged with murder in second degree for stabbing that took place nearly 4 years ago

Kyle Hill and Ashley Pearson.

By Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Ashley Pearson, 33, Wellington, has recently been charged with murder in the second degree (reckless indifference to the value of human life), a level 2 felony, for the stabbing of her boyfriend Kyle Hill at 315 North B Street in Wellington on Sept. 15, 2018.

Sumner County Attorney Larry Marczynski reversed a previous decision by former county attorney Kerwin Spencer, who deemed her actions to be self-defense.

Pearson is currently in Sumner County Jail with a $250,500 bond.

Ashley Pearson

The nearly four-year-old incident occurred when the couple got into a domestic dispute at 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Pearson allegedly obtained a knife and stabbed the victim, killing him. According to the complaint:

“During the investigation, the defendant was overheard admitting that she had stabbed him; the victim had injuries on his arms and hand consistent with defensive wounds; the fatal injury to the victim did not match the defendant’s claim of self defense.”

In 2018, Spencer told Sumner Newscow (see story here) that based on evidence in the Wellington Police Department detective report, Pearson was acting in self-defense based on the actions of Hill on the night in question.

He stated on Sept. 18, 2018, five days after the incident:

“There are no other suspects in this crime and it appears that the correct determination of the application of the self-defense was involved. So I am releasing Ashley Pearson from the Sumner County jail based upon her arrest of Sept. 15 by the WPD.”

However, Marczynski, who replaced Spencer as county attorney in 2020 after he retired, views the information differently.

“I think she committed murder,” Marcyznski said today. “I read the case thoroughly, which I honestly don’t think Kerwin did. If you deep dive on the report, there is no way in the realm of possibilities that the crime occurred the way she described it to police.”

Marczynski said it is his impression that Spencer had dealt with Hill and Pearson in previous criminal cases and had a long history with the two, which could have prejudiced him when dealing with this case. He said that based on the information available to him at the time, there was no way Spencer could have made the case of self-defense at that specific time — especially with no medical records available to him.

“This was a toxic relationship, with several domestic violence arrests,” Marczynski said.

Marczynski said he has been dealing with the case since week one after getting into office. Hill’s family and local enforcement were adamant that the case needed to be revisited. He said he wanted to get his ducks in a row before prosecuting the case.

According to Spencer, in 2018, Hill returned after celebrating his birthday with his mother. He said Hill was intoxicated and started fighting with Pearson. The fight escalated to the point that Pearson had to defend herself. He stated:

“The information provided to us corroborates more with her story than it does that she was being less than truthful.”

Spencer said at the time that Hill died of a single wound to the chest — which is not specifically described in the complaint filed by Marczynski on Aug. 5. Pearson had alerted a neighbor to call 911. When authorities and rescue workers arrived on the scene, she had been applying pressure on one of Hill’s wounds.


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