Sunday blog: Gruden’s career is over, and we should all wonder about every e-mail we ever sent

Commentary by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Jon Gruden is out as the Las Vegas (always Oakland to me) Raiders football coach. 

On the scale of things that matter to me, “Chucky” losing his job on one of my least favorite teams rates slightly higher than hairbrushes. 

But the Gruden resignation is not about the act itself as it is the controversy that surrounds it and who we are. 

Gruden sent a series of homophobic, misogynistic, racist e-mails over an extended time to his buddy Bruce Allen, ex-General Manager of the Washington Football Team. 

He sent those e-mails anywhere from five to 10 years ago. I know a lot of you are saying that was a long time ago when he wasn’t even the Raiders coach. I say, “so, what?” He still said it. 

It wasn’t like 2011 was 1911 when racism was more acceptable. And it wasn’t like he was an idiot teenager making up those quotes. He was at least 48. 

So I have no sympathy for Gruden. He is still a multi-millionaire and will live a life of luxury until his last dying breath. Maybe he can invite former Wichita State University basketball coach Gregg Marshall on his yacht. 

But like everything else, people are making this political. Some people point to this as a sign of today’s cancel culture. No, it isn’t. 

Had these messages showed up 30 years ago in a cursive long-hand letter, Gruden would still have been fired. Jimmy The Greek was fired in 1988 after making offensive comparisons with African Americans athletic abilities to slavery. Do the math. That was over 33 years ago. 

If you are going to get caught saying something bigoted as a famous person your career is over. And well it should be. 

There are only 32 NFL head coaching positions available. The NFL has plenty of opportunities to hire someone else who isn’t a bigoted, misogynist, homophobic jerk.

The question for me though isn’t why Gruden got fired but how he got fired. 

Who leaked the e-mails? 

I’ve been reading quite a bit into this question and the speculation is endless. It is like someone writing an anonymous letter about the sexual practices of high-profile people. The letter’s contents are far less intriguing than who actually wrote it. 

The Gruden e-mails surfaced during an investigation of sexual misconduct with Washington Football Team executives. During the investigation of more than 650,000 e-mails from team staff, Gruden’s e-mails showed up when he was corresponding with his buddy Allen. 

Essentially Gruden was sunk by a scandal that he had nothing to do with. 

One whistle-blower theory was a do-gooder lawyer wanted to expose the true Gruden to the world. Another theory was Raider owner Mark Davis himself was trying to find an excuse to fire Gruden for his mediocre success on the football field and get him out of that 10-year zillion-dollar contract he had with him. 

I think it was someone who really, really hated Gruden. 

Also, there is doubt that this controversy is close to being over. Why were the Gruden e-mails released and not the other 649,987 or so e-mails? And while Gruden’s career is over, what is going to happen to the WFT executives, who are charged with sexually abusing 40 former employees?

Nevertheless, Gruden is not only a racist, misogynistic, homophobic jerk but an epic moron. 

Why would he submit idiotic frat-boy comments to an e-mail account of a professional football organization? We do have g-mail. Better yet, there is this thing called texting. Or even better yet not making those comments at all. 

And it goes to show you if you are writing digitally you are putting yourself out there no matter how private you may think you are being. 

I shudder to think what would happen if my private e-mails, texts, or Facebook messages were publicly exposed. I’ve made a lot of them and I’m sure some of them would get me in real trouble. Hell, digital communication is how I mostly communicate these days. 

Yes, being the star comedian with your friends in some kind of e-mail chain may make you the life of the digital party. 

But it isn’t so much fun when you are out of a job. 

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